Oh my goodness guys, the mission is the greatest thing ever!! I love love love being a missionary and I wish I could do this forever!
Wednesday: So I got dropped off and it’s literally like a whirl wind. I had the cutest welcoming sister and she took me everywhere. She was from Australia and shes going to the Philippines. Then they rush you inside, put your nametag on, give you your books, rush you to class, and you’re a real missionary. So my companion is named Sister Wentzel, and she is from South Africa! She’s perfect for me, and it has not been too bad adjusting to being with someone literally 24/7… hallelujah for the Spirit. So we also ended up having another companion because one of the girls VISA’s didn’t work, so Sister Vasolai is our other companion and she is from New Zealand! So we are in a trio. I am the only American in my room, so I randomly start talking like them all the time… awkward. Anyways my district is great! There are 8 Elders and then just us 3 Sisters! The Sisters are all going to Temple Square, the Elders are going everywhere. Anyways, Wednesday was a blur but I loved it!

Thursday: So Thursday, we had a lot of class time. We learned how to recognize the Spirit, and all that fun stuff. I love being a missionary!!!!! One of my teachers yesterday made us think what it would be like to be a representative for someone that was really famous. Then he told us that we are representing the most important person to ever walk this earth. There is NO greater calling to mortal man than representing the Savior. I am so so humbled to do this work. It is so amazing and I can see the blessings and the miracles all day. I got assigned to be the Sister Training Leader for my Zone, so I get to help all the new sisters coming in next Wednesday! I am supposed to welcome them and give them a tour, but I still get lost everywhere I go… so we will see!

Friday: So today is Preparation day. We had class for 4 hours this morning, and then lots of personal study! I did not think that I would be able to study my scriptures for 2 hours in the morning without falling asleep, but I can! I have realized that as a missionary, I will always be tired. I am literally physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained all day, but it is the BEST feeling ever! We taught our first investigator today and it was so amazing! We will teach one more tonight. My companionship works really well together! We definitely balance each other out and the spirit was so strong in the first lesson.

I just love being a missionary. I love putting on my name tag everyday, knowing that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. It is definitely what keeps me going when I am exhausted from studying for soooooo long! The church is so so so true! I love the gospel. I love all of you! Thanks for all of your prayers! I am going to be the best missionary I can possibly be. I only get 18 months of my entire life to do this. I wish I could be a missionary forever!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! read your scriptures and don’t forget to pray!!!


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