the days seem like forever, but the weeks go so fast


wow, i’ve officially been a missionary for 10 days… this is crazy!! I still love it just as much as I did at the beginning!! it’s the best
thing ever…so this week has been crazy!!

sunday: we watched the character of christ by Elder Bednar. everyone needs to watch it. it will literally change your lives!!!l that is one thing that I have really been trying to do while I have been on my mission. i am working so hard to not focus on myself, but focus on everyone else. its hard at times, but it makes everything so much better!! also we got to finally leave the MTC!!! oh my gosh being in the real world was great. we went on a temple walk to provo temple and man it felt so great to be released from prison.. haha sike the MTC is not like prison but it was nice to see past the couple of buildings we are in all day every day

monday; monday was just another day of classes and teaching the investigators! we learned a lot about being able to recognize the spirit!

tuesday; Tuesday we had a really sweet devotional with marcus b nash. he told us that we would never feel complete until we served a mission. we have been preparing for this mission before we were even born. he ended by telling us to never hold anything back from the lord. I only have 18 months to serve a mission. and i already want it to last forever!! its already going by way too fast!

wednesday; wow wednesday was a day… i have never been so spiritually drained in my life. we had such an amazing lesson with our first investigator where we all were crying to then later that day having another lesson with another investigator where we were completely stumped… good thing the investigator was our teacher. but anyways that just proves that the mission is seriously an emotional roller coaster! so after our last lesson, our teacher decided to have a lesson on what we got stumped on… it confused us so much but it was also so spiritual. it was something that our entire district needed to here!! i have never had to think so much in my entire life. it was soawesome though! again we all cried, and our teacher just let us go into different rooms and say personal prayers. it was really amazing to see how strongly the spirit can work in our lives!! i love being a missionary even though it is mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting i am so happy!!

thursday: so its pretty crazy at the MTC right now. Its the new mission president conference, so there are new mission presidents here everywhere, which also means, ya know the general authorities, and all of the apostles are here. so thats pretty neat! the new mission presidents have taken us into rooms and have been teaching us! it’s been really cool! so here is the best story ever… after our class thursday, they call all of the sister missionaries into a meeting. we are all freaking out like oh my gosh an apostle is going to talk to us. we are all singing songs and stuff and its all spiritual then they come in and we are like oh my gosh!!! then they say, sisters, we are going to have to move you guys from your residence hall. there have been a couple of bats seen in your dorms!! so yes… like so many of us sister missionaries had to move ALLLLLLL of our stuff to a completely different building.. oh my gosh. well at least it made us laugh haha and the elders all helped us carry it all so that was nice! but man it was funny, thats all we could do as laugh. couldn’t even be mad haha

Friday: so today we got to go to the temple with our district. it was really awesome to be in there will all of the elders in our district! i love them all so much! they make me laugh all the time. we all have nicknames for each other and we are all just best friends. they can get annoying sometimes, because they never want to study, but its all good! we still love them!!!

yes i love being a missionary!! its the best thing ever. i am happy all the time! i love the gospel. i love that i get to share this message because it is the most important message on the earth! i love it!!


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