5 More Days Until I’m at T-Square!!


Hello guys!! Wow this week was so awesome!! I loved every part of it!! We had some really cool devotionals this week! All of our Elders from the district left on Tuesday to go out to the actual mission field, and all of us going to TS had to stay another week to do Visitor Center Training! But I do love Training! I’ll tell you a little bit about that.

So Wednesday we went to TS!! We were all so excited. When we could hear real world music and see real life people we were all in awe. its pretty funny! I So we got to TS and went on a tour, so we could see what the Visitors should experience. Pretty sweet! Then we came back to the MTC and learned how to do online proselyting.. and i love it!! The first chat i took, the guy was so mean!!! but it made me laugh. I am companions with another Sister Clark for chats. Shes so fun! She’s from Florida, and we call ourselves Clark Squared since we are both going to Temple Square. Anyways the chats are funny, but it’s cool when people actually come on asking real questions and wanting to hear more of the gospel. I actually got 2 investigators from chats this week!! way cool!

Thursday we just learned how to apply everything that we have learned the past 2 weeks into a visitors center! its kind of hard at first, but really we are just teaching the lessons that we already learned, just to bigger groups of people!

Friday we went to TS again!! This time we got paired up with missionaries that are already serving there! My companion was from England and she goes home next transfer. She’s so cool though! So everyone at TS is awesome. They are all sooo funny and crazy!! I am so excited to be there for real!! I got to chat while i was there and then I got to go out on the Square and talk to people! I met someone from Thailand that is here visiting. I gave him a BoM and got all of his information. He told me he would read it! Pretty cool! I made it a goal to bear my testimony to everyone that i came in contact with there and i did it!! Also, when we were with some of the TS missionaries, we sang Called To Serve. Temple Square has their own verse that gets added on at the end! i’ll have to get the words next week, but its so cute! We go through all of the countries and when it gets to yours you stand up! i just love it there! it’s perfect!! The spirit is so strong there its amazing that I get to serve a mission where the spirit is constantly there!!

While I was at TS, we got the news that President Packer died, who is one of the apostles for the church. It’s sad, but something that is really special, is that all of TS sisters get to go to the funeral! It is going to be a cool experience!

So on the way back from TS on Friday, we also made it a goal to talk to everyone we saw. I swear every time 27 Mormon Missionaries got on a bus or train, everyone put in their headphones haha pretty funny to watch! but i was able to talk to 5 different people about the church and invited them to read the BoM. Such cool experiences. I never knew that i could honestly be this happy. Sharing the gospel is the best thing in the entire world. i want to do this forever!! i am happy 24/7 and i know to my family that is weird to comprehend hahaha but its so true!!! i love being a missionary!!

I love being a missionary! i love the gospel! i love the MTC but Im ready to get to TS!! I am so happy and I think about y’all all the time!!! i am just so happy I cant say it enough!!!

One more thing! There are 24 Sisters going to TS on Wednesday!!!! And only 4 of us are from the US!!! Crazy! i feel so lucky and blessed to serve there!!

I love you all!! Keep reading your scriptures and praying!! i love the gospel i love being a missionary!! have a good 4th of july weekend!! We get to watch the fireworks outside until 10… breaking curfew!!

Lots of love!!!!!


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