The Ups and Downs of a Mission


Well another week done in the mission. Weird. But this has been a good week definitely! Lots of cool experiences.Temple Square is crazy busy ALL the time. Mostly with Mandarin speaking people though. They are so funny. They will come in on HUGE tour buses and then they want to take a picture with you because you’re American haha it’s so funny it’s like we are famous. Also, everyone here says i look like some chick from White Collar. I don’t even know what that is… but it’s great, we
will be giving some spiritual tour then someone will raise their hand and be like, “hey have you ever seen white collar?” I’m like no, moving on… haha just kidding I’m nicer than that, i think!

My companion and I have had some pretty cool experiences this week. We have 3 new investigators. They are so prepared. It’s crazy! I’ll tell you a little bit about them –

Tony: So we had Tony’s number and called him to check in on him. He had been interested in the church before, but had a lot going on in his life. Anyways, everything seems to be working out in his favor. We have been able to teach him 3 times over the phone. He lives in New York, so he is going to Palmyra this weekend! We got him to go to church on Sunday. Pretty cool!

Natasha: So Natasha lives in Macedonia and is 21. Her parents won’t let her meet with the missionaries, but she has a lot of good questions. She is moving out of her house to go to school in September and wants to get baptized. Pretty sweet! She knows so much about the gospel, its amazing!

Christopher: Last but definitely not least is Christopher. So Christopher is the awesome guy that comes to the Square. He is just like me. Super sarcastic and kind of stubborn. He comes to the Square every day, and we have been teaching him a little bit about the gospel. He has a pretty sad story, but he is really positive. He tries not to believe what we teach him, but he knows its true so that’s pretty funny. I think he is coming with us to church on Sunday. At least we hope he is!!

One more story. So we took this family of 5 on a tour on Sunday. They were from Denmark. They have 3 boys who are like teenagers or early 20s and then the parents. The tour was the most spiritual one we have given so far. At the end, 2 of the kids and the wife were so interested and when we asked if they wanted to learn more, the dad like shut it down. You could totally tell they did. But hey, you never know what is going to happen when they left T2.

I got to see all of the Griffins and some of the Chandlers this week! I cried because they just reminded me of home! But I do love seeing people I know here! It makes the days a little bit better. Also, I love getting letters! Keep sending them! They help when I am having a hard day! I sent my address in my last email!

Anyways. The mission is hard but i love it. I am growing every single day. Pray for the missionaries. It’s not easy work, but it’s so rewarding. The gospel is the best thing ever though. So before I go to bed every night, I watch the “Because He Lives”

and “Because of Him” videos. It definitely puts everything into perspective. I’ve learned to rely on Jesus Christ more now than I have my entire life. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary!

Last p-day, we ran Ensign Peak. Pretty fun!

Talk to you all soon! Love you all soooo much!
❤ Sister Clark


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