Day 43 of the Mission!


Hello everyone!! I swear I was just e-mailing yesterday! The weeks here fly by. It’s crazy. Well what a week it has been! I got to see SO many people that I know. It was crazy haha but I love Temple Square!! It’s the best place everrrrr. So this e-mail is probably going to be all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense.

So David Archuleta was here a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, they sent out a text just saying 6 for Gods Plan, and guess who was there waiting. Yep good old David Archuleta. He brought his sister and his mom and then some non member friends. Dang it, I should have taken that tour. But apparently he comes here all the time and goes to the temple all the time. So maybe I’ll run in to him.

A pretty cool thing about serving a mission in Mormon land is that so many restaurants feed the missionaries for free. So today, we are going to a Brazilian Steakhouse. I’m pretty dang excited! Last week we went to this one restaurant and they gave my Companion and I a huge delicious ice cream thing. Omg it was heaven.

It was Pioneer Day last Friday. So in Utah, that’s an actual holiday. So we all got to go to the Parade for 2 hours, and then the Square was packed!! But the parade was sweet. I did not know one little area could have so make stakes. I kept thinking about how small our Mormon population is at home compared to here, haha but I wouldn’t want it any other way. South Carolina is the best!

Also, right now I am emailing from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and some old guy across from me just said “you have a very attractive smile little girl”… these are the things that get said to us on a daily basis hahah its great. yes i said this would be a random email. oh well.

So Thursday I got to see Hannah, Emma, and Jeff! It was sooo good to see them. I love serving in a mission where I can see people I know. Then Saturday, I saw Chels, and we were wearing the same shirt… hahah and then today I saw Ryan my old FHE brother. It’s the best seeing people I know.

2 of our investigators are on date for baptism. Tony is supposed to get baptized the first week of September, and our new investigator Hollywood(yes)… is on date for August 28th! So we will see how that goes! hopefully it all works out. Tony has been on date for baptism twice already, so hopefully 3rd times the charm!

So I told y’all about Christopher last week. Christopher is seriously the best. He opened up with us a lot these past couple of days. We are trying to get him to understand how important Christ is in our lives. I showed him the Because of Him video, and at the end I just bore my testimony and started crying. It is amazing how you can truly feel the love that Heavenly Father has for people when you hardly know them. He is still not up for church, but I think we are going with him to Music
and The Spoken Word on Sunday.

I have seen more grandmas and selfie sticks these passed couple of weeks than I want to see… it is seriously so funny just watching them taking pictures of themselves with those things. i laugh and then i think about Carly riding her bike trying to take a video with the selfie stick. everyone should ask her to see the video. (Carly, i love you!)

Well, it is wedding season at Temple Square. Brides are EVERYWHERE. haha it’s pretty funny cause all of us missionaries just watch from afar.. its kind of depressing for us hahah but its funny at the same time. we just make funny jokes about it usually.

I love being a missionary. No matter how hard the days are, I always go to bed happy. Sharing the gospel is the most fulfilling thing ever. it is hard, but it’s amazing.

I passed off my tours this week, which means I had to take a tour with my Zone Leaders acting as investigators, and I had to give them a tour of temple square. I finally know all of the history. I passed and now I get to go eat at the Lion House for free. Pretty sweet!

Thank you for all of the letters and packages! You guys seriously are the best. Hearing from you all makes me so happy. Nana thanks for the package and the bajillion cookies. I was leaving the Square yesterday and the Security guards were locking up. I gave them a couple of cookies and they said” Tell Nana we love her”. And I ate some grits this morning. Yum. I miss good southern food.

I am learning and growing every day. I finished the Book of Mormon last week and then I started the New Testament. I want to see how many times I can read them all throughout my mission. I love Temple Square. I love this work. I love my Savior. The church is so true! Keep reading your scriptures and praying.

I love you all and miss you! Hope to hear from you all soon!
lots of love from Mormon Land.
Sister Clark < <


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