Missionary/Photographer/Bathroom Guide


I’m still alive everyone!! The Square is still busy as always. We had some pretty cool experiences this week. Being a missionary on Temple Square is always entertaining. I didn’t know that being a missionary here consisted of being a photographer and a bathroom guide. I swear I get asked more to take pictures and show people where the bathroom is than anything else… I should be getting paid. Haha just kidding, but I do laugh when people ask me these things.

Also, did you guys know that Temple Square is apparently the most stressful mission in the world? That is pretty cool. I learned that last week haha but it is true. Always stressful. I think as missionaries we just feel like everything has to be perfect, and that is not true. We will never be perfect at anything.

So we got a new investigator this week! Chat is seriously such a great tool in the mission. This guy named Travis came on chat on Friday, and he has had such a rough life. We talked to him for a while, and then got him information to attend church on Sunday. So we called him yesterday to check in on him, and he went to church!! He is meeting with the local missionaries, and he is seriously just the best. He is one of the sweetest people we have talked to!! So he is meeting with the missionaries, and we are gonna put him on date for Baptism next week hopefully! So exciting!

As for our other couple of investigators, here is an update –

Tony didn’t get to go to church this week because he couldn’t get a ride. We have been talking with the Elders that are his local missionaries and we are just trying to help them out. Tony is tough, but he is still working towards his baptismal date. Just gotta make sure he still wants it. We text him a scripture every night for him to read! I think that really does help him a lot.
Hollywood is still Hollywood. He had a rough patch this last week. He got a new job, and said he needed to work on Sunday. We told him that if he wanted to stay with his baptismal date, that he would need to attend church. We honestly didn’t think that he would. So we started our 24 hour fast on Saturday, and we fasted for our investigators. We called Hollywood Sunday afternoon and he went to church and loved it!! So that was awesome. He is going back on Sunday, and his date is set for August 28th! Hopefully we will get to skype in to watch it!
Christopher is still Christopher. But we got him to go to Music and The Spoken Word with us on Sunday!! It was seriously perfect for him. The message was exactly what he needed to here. Hopefully we can get him to church soon!! He said that he loved Music And The Spoken Word, and would go back again!

So all of the first transfer sisters had a meeting yesterday morning called the “Embrace It” meeting. My first transfer is almost over… That is so crazy!! My mission president told us that we have made it through the hardest part of our mission. He said that the first transfer is the hardest just learning to adjust. Not saying that the rest of the mission is gonna be easy, but at least we have finished the hardest part. I have learned though to let my trials and struggles help me to grow. Then we watched a talk given by Elder Holland in the MTC a while ago. Elder Holland is my favorite. He is just so powerful. The talk was about just letting our mission change us. Truly giving our whole entire heart to the Lord for 18 months is nothing. He said that we need to leave our nets, follow Christ, be a missionary, and feed his sheep. But not just for now, but forever. We need to let our missions be a time where we change and give everything. We cannot look back ever again. God will take care of all of our worries. We have to give everything we have. We need to become the person that Jesus Christ wants us to become.

One last cool story. So yesterday, my companion and I are just walking around the North Visitors Center, and some guy comes up to us and asks us to give this group of boys a tour. It is a group of like 30 boys who are all here for some national wrestling match or something like that… So my companion and I are like sure. We get to talking to him, and he is talking about all these cool things he has done and then we ask him his name, and he is like Jay Osmond. So yes, I gave one of the Osmond Brothers a tour of Temple Square. They were here sponsoring the wrestling group. Pretty cool. He told my comp and I that it was the best tour that he has been given on Temple Square and that he would tell President Poulsen that. Pretty cool. I gave one of the Osmond Brothers a tour of Temple Square. Sorry to disappoint you mom, but it wasn’t Donny.

I truly know that the mission is going to change my life forever and I am so glad that I made the decision to serve a mission. It is the best decision that I have made. I love my Savior so much, and I have come to understand who he is while I am on my mission. I love that I am constantly learning and growing every single day. Serving the Lord is amazing. I love that I am able to recognize Heavenly Fathers tender mercies every single day. I am sad that time is going by so fast. I love being a missionary. I love this gospel so much. I love Temple Square.

I also love you all! Keep sending me letters and e-mails! You are all the best, and I love hearing from you all!! Also, you guys should watch the mormon message called “Strive“! It’s a good one!!

Con Amor,
Sister Clark ❤


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