So Many Tender Mercies This Week!


My subject is about the fact that last week after I was done e-mailing, we went shopping and JUSTIN BIEBER started playing in the store. Guys, I am not even joking I teared up a little bit. It was the best day ever… not really, but it made me happy. We always joke around saying that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor, and it’s so true. I was just emailing about how I still cared about what JB is doing with his life, and then I got to hear him on the radio!! Life was definitely good that day. I also think my comp was embarrassed because I was singing and tearing up a little and dancing. haha Don’t worry everyone, I’m still me. Still love good old J Biebz.

I know that most of you guys have seen the short video of Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon, but that is my all time favorite video. Elder Holland is just so powerful, and when I watch this video, I just can’t help but know how true the church really is! Here is the link! Everyone watch it, even if you have already seen it!

So I have said this before, but there are SO many anti’s that come on chat. SO many. It is seriously so annoying. Usually I just brush it off, but the other day, it just really bothered me. It’s like once I would end a chat with an anti, another one would just get on!! I just wanted to be like dude you all suck, who cares what you say, but I have to try to be as nice as I can which definitely gets hard. We always say that after you serve on Temple Square with anti’s protesting all the time and anti’s on chat, we will have some of the strongest testimonies in the church. I promise you that we hear EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING haha it’s funny because sometimes the stuff is totally made up and we know it, but we just go along with it because you have to have some fun. One thing that I have really come to know since I have been on my mission is that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to restore the church. No one can ever make me question that or doubt that. Another thing that I love, is that either the Book of Mormon is right or wrong. There is no in between. All people have to do is read it and pray and we can receive our answer! Once you know the BoM is true, you then know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and everything else just makes sense! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

We got to go to Brighton Girls Camp on Saturday. Half of the mission went my first week here, and then the other 200 of us went on Saturday. It was seriously SO nice to be away from the Square for a little bit. We got to zipline and hangout and sing songs and then played a game called Lifeline. Lifeline was the spiritual part. We had to hold on to a rope and we were blind folded. The ropes were tied around trees and different things and they were supposed to represent the obstacles and trials we face in our life, but how we can get to the end with the help of Christ. So individually you have to find your way. Blindfolded. When we got to the end, President Poulsen was there to grab our hand and greet us and say that we made it to the end! It doesn’t really sound spiritual or anything, but we were all crying haha probably just because we are missionaries so we cry a lot. But it really did represent our life. We don’t know the trials that we are going to face, but we know that we are going to face them. We know that Christ is going to hold our hands or even carry us when we need it. We just want to make sure when we get to the end of this life that we did everything possible to say that we did what we needed to do here!

We took another really awesome tour the other day. It was time for us to go home because we got to be home by 7 that night because of our schedule that day, but they really needed someone to take the tour. Sister Smith and I said that we would and the family was so awesome! They were so sweet and just loved learning about the church. We took them up to the Christus and played the narration, and then Sister Smith and I both felt that we needed to take them to see Gods Plan. That is not usually part of the tour, but we both just felt impressed to take them there. They loved it, and loved the idea of how families can be together forever and how we really focus on the family in the church. After the tour was over, I was kinda sad because we didn’t get any of their contact info. My comp was like don’t be sad. They aren’t prepared yet to learn more right now, but they had been prepared to hear the gospel for the first time! I think that really just made me think about how important it is to be a missionary on TS and to let people hear the gospel for the first time! It doesn’t matter if they stay in contact now, but all that matters is that when the missionaries knock on their door in 10 years, that they will remember what they felt and learned here on Temple Square! Then after, we went to Farrs frozen yogurt and a member payed for our fro yo. Pretty sweet. Blessings from staying late to take the tour haha

Sunday was so good! Elder Clarke from the Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us! Elder Clarke shared with us 5 things that we need to do as members of the church. I’ll just list them for you guys and you should all work on them!
1) Make Christ the center of our lives.
2) Come to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called to restore the gospel.
3) LOVE the Book of Mormon.
4) Love for family.
5) Love for the temple.

Okay, this email is long, but I had to make up for the lack of email last week! I’ll sum up our investigators really quick! They are all doing well! Hollywood moved and went to his new ward in Malibu and loved it! He has a new baptismal date, which is next Saturday! So exciting. OH, also, I am teaching someone from South Carolina!! A sister here that went home passed her to me!! I called her and ohhhhhh my goodness it was so great to talk to someone from South Carolina on the phone. So sweet! She knew a lot of missionaries that served in South Carolina! She lives in Greenville and is just so sweet!

This week I got to see a couple of people that I know! I went and met up with Emily on Tuesday and then Taylor came and surprised on the Square the next day! It was so good to see Emily and get a nice big hug from her, and then it was such a good surprise to see Tay- babes hahah.

Anyways, I love you all SO much!! I think about you often!

I love my Savior. I am so happy that I am serving a mission. Time is going by way too fast for me! I love this work, and I love that I am able to represent my Savior each day, and come to know him better!

Love you all so so so much!! ❤
Sister Clark


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