“Let’s Go Spend Sacrament Meeting with the Temple Square Sisters!”


So my subject to this email… that was Elder Quinton L. Cook one of the apostles. We walk in to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, and my comp is like, “woah, its Elder Cook”. So yeah, he is just sitting up there on the stage with our Mission President. It is pretty cool because we have church in the Joseph Smith Building, so the Prophet and the Apostles also have church in there on Sundays. So you never know who is going to come into Sacrament Meeting with us. But I’ll tell you more later!

Its’ already p-day again… crazy! I say that every week, but seriously the weeks fly by here! It has been a good week here though! The Square is seriously dying… It is kinda sad. I think every person that comes to Temple Square gets talked to by like 6 companionships… oh well! So many less Mandarin people, which means so many less people asking if they can take pictures of us… hahaha It’s nice knowing that in just a month it’s conference, so it is going to be crazy again for a week!!! Then we have a couple of weeks and then the lights turn on. So we will have a couple patches of dead, but then it is going to be crazy!!

So this week I got to teach the Restoration to a couple of people that came on the Square. That is seriously my favorite thing to teach, because there is no way that anyone can deny the Spirit! I love being a missionary on Temple Square where we can teach everyone that comes here the gospel!

So this week, our investigators haven’t been answering the phone… It sucks! Hollywood is on date for baptism this Saturday, in like 5 days… so we will see what happens! Hopefully we can get in contact with him tomorrow. Our golden investigator Travis hasn’t answered the phone the past 2 weeks. It has made us sad, because he loved everything we were teaching him and everything the local missionaries were teaching him. He always felt the spirit so strongly when we taught him, but we just have to hope that he is still meeting with the local missionaries.

But one thing I have realized is that the Lord will always show us His hand in this work. This week, Sister Smith and I have had a couple of tender mercies. We were able to get 3 potential investigators from Square, which is pretty uncommon. We took a guy named Raul on a tour, and he was really interested. I shared with him a scripture at the end, and then read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon with him. At the end, I am usually scared to ask for peoples numbers so we can stay in contact, but I asked and he gave it to me! Sister Smith was like, I think he is in to you, but hey flirt to convert right?! Just kidding… But then the next day, I was at a desk just talking to people and this couple came up and asked where the nearest church building was. They were from Germany, but spoke English really well! I got them the church information, taught them the Restoration, gave them a Book of Mormon, and got their number! This is truly the Lord work, and I love that I am able to be a part of such an amazing work, where I can be guided by him.

I got to take a really good investigator lesson with some Elders in the Salt Lake Mission on Saturday. We took a family around TS, and took them to the Christus and Gods Plan. It was so spiritual, and being with a family makes me so excited to serve outbound where I can be with families, and cute kids!

So I will quickly tell you about Elder Cook. He first talked about how missionaries are assigned. It is so amazing how in tune with the Spirit they really are. He told us he assigned missionaries on Friday, and he assigned 2 to TS! Missionary work is the best! So anyways he said something that made every single one of us cry. He said, “We hold our speical experiences very sacred and do not share everything. We are special witnesses of Christ. We cannot always share these special experiences, but that DOES NOT mean that we don’t have them. We do.” I was just so amazed. The gospel is so amazing, and I am so blessed that we have a prophet and apostles that lead and guide the church just as in times of old!

Last thing and then I am done! everyone needs to read and listen to the talk, “What is the Blueprint of Christ’s Church?” by Tad R. Callister. It is really one of the best talks that I have heard. It explains the doctrine of the gospel so well, and makes so much sense! It is definitely something that I will share with my investigators! So everyone, take a couple of minutes out of your day and watch the talk. I promise that you will truly understand that this is Christ’s church on the Earth again today!

I love being a missionary! I love this work! I love my Savior, and I am so humbled that I can be an instrument in his hands for such a short time to bring people closer to him!

I love you all so very much and hope to hear from you all soon! Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Sister Clark



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