Great Place to Turn 20!


Hi everyone!

First, thank you all SO much for all of the letters, emails, and packages for my birthday! I seriously have the best family and friends of anyone! I just love all of y’all! Being away from home was weird and kinda sad, but it was still such a good day. It was funny because I was thinking about my birthday last year, and I remembered that all the missionaries were at my house for my birthday, and then just 1 year later, I was the one on a mission haha who would have known?… I can tell you a little bit about what we did. For exercise, we woke up early and did a bagel run with a couple of other missionaries. Then, President has the same birthday as me so we had lots of cupcakes and celebrated, and then later that day, my companion and some other sisters, surprised me and brought over pizza and cake! I missed my family, but I have to say, it was a good birthday either way! Emma came on Thursday and I gave her a little tour and then we went to Cheesecake Factory, which made my birthday week even better!!

I guess Russell M. Nelson got word that it was my birthday, so he came and spoke to us. So cool! Apparently, he just woke up on Friday and felt like he should come and speak to us. Funny thing is that he and I have the same birthday. So they sent out a text to the mission saying that he was coming and we all needed to be in the mission office at 10. The Senior Couples here all took over the Square while we listened to him for an hour and a half! So he walked in and said, “I feel like I am in Heaven. Let me shake all your hands before I die!” Seriously, he is so cute! Anyways, he talked about the Restoration and then we got to ask him questions. At the end, we all sang Called to Serve and Temple Square has their own 3rd verse that we sing after. Just imagine, 200 sister missionaries all singing Called to Serve, with an Apostle in the room. The Spirit was so strong, and President Nelson started crying, then we all started crying. I just feel so blessed that I get to serve on Temple Square on such holy grounds, where I am surrounded by the Prophet and Apostles every single day.

We found some really prepared people this week, both on chat and on the square. A guy named Henry from South Africa came on chat, just wanting to know the truth. We got his number, called him the next day, and taught him the whole Restoration. We invited him to church and to be baptized! it is so cool that even over the phone, the Spirit can be there and can testify the truth to these people! He went to church yesterday, and is meeting with the local missionaries this week. It’s amazing how prepared people really can be! Then this guy named George called and said that he had just witnessed a miracle. He was about to kill himself, when some missionaries walked by him. Sister Smith and I testified to him that we know that Heavenly Father loves him, and that he sent those missionaries there at that moment to stop him. George didn’t want to meet or learn more, but it’s these little things, that prove that God really does care about each one of us and I love that I am able to share that with those people, whether they know it or not. So we have been teaching Raul, who we took on a tour a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t send the local missionaries to him yet, but the other day he said he was meeting with them. We asked how, and long story short, he met a family at the Marriott Hotel when he was staying here. They answered more of his questions, got his information, and sent it to the local missionaries. He was like I know that this is not a coincidence. That Heavenly Father is preparing him this path. SO cool!

Yesterday, during Sacrament Meeting, President Poulsen (mission president) got up and talked for a little bit. He was just at a mission president conference this last week with most of the general authorities. He said that the Temple Square sisters are known to be the best contactors and the best heart changers in the whole mission field. That we have more of an opportunity to talk to people and share with them the gospel than any other missionary. That someone can step onto Temple Square, feel the Spirit, talk to sister missionaries, and that their whole perspective of the church can change. Sometimes, it can be so hard to be here every day, just taking tour after tour, and chat after chat, but in the end, we are the face of the church. We need to try and be the best example of Christlike love so that people can really see what the church is all about.

Funny story, never make sister missionaries sing “Families Can Be Together Forever”. We sang it in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and I think everyone of us was crying a little bit haha. Good times. I just love being a missionary though!

I read this quote today by President Benson. He said, “I have tasted the joy of missionary work. There is no work in all the world that can bring an individual greater joy and happiness”. I wish that you all could just serve a mission and see how truly happy it makes you! I don’t think that it would be physically possible to be doing this work without the help of the Lord. I would not be able to wake up at 6:15am, and somehow miraculously be running on the track just 10 minutes later without the help of the Lord. I don’t think it would be humanly possible, to walk around the same square every single day, if i wasn’t sharing the gospel and helping people come closer to Christ.

I love this work so much and I love my Savior. I love being a missionary. I love Temple Square. I love all of you guys. I pray for you all the time! Thank you so much for everything!

con amor, ❤
Sister Clark


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