General Conference Weekend On The Square!


Hello again everyone!!

Well, General Conference weekend is over! It left just as quickly as it came!! It was so uplifting though to be on the Square and to hear the talks on the speakers as we walked around! You couldn’t deny the Spirit that you felt while you were on the square. I got to go to Sunday afternoon session and I loved it. Of course it was so nice to actually sit for 2 hours, but it was so uplifting and inspiring! My favorite talk was by Devin G. Durrant about “ponderizing“. So he said to pick a scripture each week and put it somewhere that you will always see it. Memorize key words and then really ponder what the scripture means. I think that is such a good idea!

Everyone kept saying, “oh for a missionary, Conference weekend is like the Superbowl”. Not a missionary on Temple Square. We had to be on the Square both mornings @ 7 until 10 each night. BUT WE GET TO SLEEP IN TILL 10 TOMORROW!!! Our lunch and dinner were only 20 minutes long hahaha, but members from the stakes around here brought us meals to eat!! It was soo nice to have a meal provided for us. It reminded me of home!! I do feel so blessed though that I get to serve my mission in the heart of the church. It was also SO good to see people that I knew here!! I love you all!!

The anti’s stood outside the gates of course yelling crazy things, and then on the other side was a poster for and members would go and sing hymns as people walked onto the square. It brought tears to my eyes to see these members and how they were able to invite the spirit onto the square. The church is SO true. We are so blessed to have a Prophet today, who is so inspired and so powerful. I can’t wait to go and listen to all the talks these next couple of months. It was so weird that I didn’t get to sit and listen. It didn’t feel normal haha.

So I have my new companion, Sister Li. She is very sweet. The past week we have only taken 2 English tours, with all the rest  being mandarin. It is kind of hard sometimes because I zone out half way through the tour because I don’t know what she is saying, then when it is my turn to talk I’m like woops.

I was able to talk to SO many amazing members this weekend and hear their strong testimonies of the gospel. It truly strengthened my testimony to hear their story. I talked to a lot of really awesome returned missionaries and got lots of good advice. I also got a lot of their numbers so that they can be a member present on the phone when we call our investigators. Everything is so much more powerful when the members are testifying and not just the missionaries. That was our goal this conference. All we wanted to do was uplift and inspire the members that were here on the Square. To help them to come closer to the Savior. It really is so amazing and I love the gospel so much!

So my invitation is for you all to pick a scripture each week and ponderize it!! Really try it. I know that you will see blessings as you do that!

I am so thankful for this gospel. I am thankful for the Savior and his infinite atonement. I love being a missionary. I love this work.

I love you all so so so much!!
Sister Clark


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