Keystone Transfer


Hi everyone!!

I’m still here. still a missionary. still loving life. still so happy. I would just be happier if you all were here with me! But it was a good week here. The weather is perfect. It’s actually feels like fall which makes me even happier! It makes me miss good old South Carolina falls though. Those are the best!

I just want you guys to know how much i seriously love the Book of Mormon. oh my gosh. This transfer, President is calling the “Keystone” transfer. He wants all of us to gain a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon. This will not only change who we are as missionaries, but it will build a foundation for the rest of our lives. But anyways. every time i read the Book of Mormon i learn something new and i love my Savior so much more each time i read it. this last week i finished it again and no matter how many times i read the Book of Mormon, i still pray to know if it’s true. each time i pray, i get my answer. i seriously could just read it all day long, but i guess i will just teach people about it and make them read it! This is one of my favorite quotes about the Book of Mormon. It is from President Packer. He said, “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ has the nourishing power to heal starving spirits of the world.” This is seriously so true. so true. the Book of Mormon is the best.

so i had some cool experiences this week:
Janet: So Janet is my eternagator (forever investigator) from South Carolina. but i seriously love her so much. i haven’t been able to talk to her recently because she is sick and is always sleeping. but anyways, this last week she answered the phone and i was soo happy! she just told me all about everything that was going on, and then i shared with her my favorite scripture Mosiah 24:14 which I have emailed about before, but i just love it. after i shared it with her she was just crying and she was like “how do you always know when to call and what to say?” it just made me so happy that i can help these people to truly feel Heavenly Fathers love for each of them. being a missionary is the best.
Drew:so Drew comes on chat the other night and says, “i’m learned in the bible and want to hear more about your mormon bible”. i’m like great, he is gonna want to bible bash. so right then i was like “hey whats your number we can call you and explain more!?” so he gave me his number and we called right then. he answered told us a little bit about his life. he is living in a drug recovery home and has been clean for a couple of months now. i shared my testimony of the Book of Mormon (which is so much more powerful than it used to be,thank goodness) and then invited him to go to church and meet with the local missionaries. he said yes. we got him the address to the church and it is 3 miles away, and he doesn’t have a car, but was like i’ll just walk, no big deal! so pretty cool. i am calling him again tomorrow to see how he is. i’m excited to see!
Ezekiel: i’ve been teaching Ezekiel for like 2 months now… he is super funny and i really enjoy talking to him. he’s not really a progressing investigator because he doesn’t have time to meet with the local missionaries or go to church, but i still enjoy giving him new parts to read in the Book of Mormon, and then reading it with him over the phone. he’s pretty sweet though.

funny moments of the week:

***Last p-day, we did all of our grocery shopping so i seriously had like 8 bags of food in my hand. i walk into our apartment and the other sisters left their weights out from the morning and i tripped and all my bags flew everywhere and i just fell so gracefully and was laughing so hard. i had tears coming out of my eyes. my cute little ni hao companion just goes, “SISTER CLARK,ARE YOU OKAY?”. hahha i just died there on the ground laughing.
**** i had given so many tours this day, that i started talking and literally everything just sounded like nothing… good thing it was to Mandarin people because they didn’t know what was going on haha.
*** today is Canadian Thanksgiving day, so I am wearing my roommates Canadian flag instead of my American one. it is sad how many more people tried to talk to me today. when i wear my american one, everyone is just like who cares she’s from here. dang it dad, i should get a puerto rican flag then more people would talk to me and be more interested haha just kidding.
**** i joke around with my companion and tell her i feel like i am in a nail salon all day long because i never understand what anyone is saying. ever. i can pick up on a couple of mandarin words but not many… they all look at me and smile and are talking and i’m just like what the heck… then they just take pictures of me… oh well…

sorry this e-mail was a little bit longer today… i hope i didn’t make you guys fall asleep haha

But before I go, my scripture that i am “ponderizing” this week is Mosiah 2:41. so good. it says, “and moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness.” it is just so simple. if we keep the commandments of God we will be blessed and happy. Of course that does not mean it will be easy, that is why is says hold out faithful to the end. but if we do hold out faithful to the end we will find so much joy in this life and in the life to come.

i love you guys so so so much! i love being a missionary. i love the Book of Mormon if you already didn’t know… i love my Savior. i love this work. read your scriptures. study them. you will find so much peace and happiness as you truly study the words of Christ. i promise that you will feel closer to the Savior.

love you all!
Sister Clark


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