Temple Square Knows How to do Halloween!


oh my gosh this week was SO good and went SO fast!

i feel like recently i have so much to say and i don’t want to bore you guys with my long e-mails…this one still might be long haha you don’t have to read the whole thing but you should…

for relief society last week, we had Elder Wilson come speak to us. he is in the 70 over temple square. guess what we talked about? the BOOK OF MORMON! he told some pretty amazing stories of people that he knows, that read the Book of Mormon and had such powerful experiences. he would tell stories of people that went to church for 10, 20, 30 years and never converted. then he would ask them if they had read the Book of Mormon and they would say not really. so he would sit down with them a few times a week and be their reading mentor. help them understand the book of mormon. he said that each time that he did that, they knew that it was true. i think that is so amazing. the Book of Mormon has such more power. it changes lives. i have seen that in my own life, as well as in my investigators lives. it is so simple. to know if the church is true, all we simply must do is READ it. pray to know if it is true. be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. whether you or a member or not, this is something that everyone can do.

soooo my investigators are seriously the best! for some reason, i just found some really prepared people this transfer that have been waiting to hear the gospel! seriously they make me sooooo happy! every time i get off the phone with him i just can’t help but smile. soo i’ll tell update you guys so you can smile too 🙂
Sarah: Sarah gets baptized this Sunday and she is seriously my favorite oh my gosh. i texted her yesterday to see if she went to church. she responded, “yes and i bore my testimony”. i was so happy for her! she said, “i guess it was good because everyone texted me saying how awesome it was”. she just has such a strong testimony of the priesthood and eternal families. she is just the best. i can’t say that enough. she is coming out for conference next year, which makes me sad because i will probably be outbound… but oh well. i get to skype her baptism this week so that will be fun!
Ezekiel: so Ezekiel is my investigator in Canada. i am already working on setting him up with Sarah because they are both 26 and so fun. he is in the military there. but he is so cool. i like talking to him and sarah because i feel like i can relate to them more since they are younger. but for some reason this week, Ezekiel just really had this strong desire to figure out if the church was true. usually our phone calls just consist of questions and me explaining doctrine, but this week he just asked, “what do i need to do for me to receive my answer”. of course i said read the book of mormon. i mean come on. the whole entire religion hinges off of one book that is like 500 pages. he has been reading the bom but doesn’t really understand it. so now i am calling him twice a week and spending an hour reading it with him, and stopping every time he has a question. i think it will be good for me too because sometimes i don’t know what i am reading. but he is sweet. he went to church yesterday too. so good!
Darrell: so Darrell is my new investigator from California. first off, i just have to see local missionaries are the best. he called in and said, “i met some missionaries on the street and they gave me this card. can you send me a book of mormon. i want to read it”. i was like yessss. so i sent his information to the local missionaries, talked for a little bit and hung up. about 2 minutes later, i just felt prompted to call him back and give him the information to the church. this was on friday. so i called him back. gave him the address and the time and everything. of course i didn’t know if he would actually go, but i really just felt like i needed to. so i called him yesterday, and he said that the went. he said he really really liked it. he is going to meet with missionaries! so exciting. missionary work seriously the best thing ever. you never kn ow the impact that you have on someone that you talk to on the street. it is so important to follow the promptings that we get. we can help change someones life!

quick story about this tour that we took. this guy named Bill came up and asked us for a tour. we said of course. he is from Long Island, New York. at first, i didn’t really feel like he wanted to learn. he just didn’t seem very interested. but either way, the spirit was definitely there the whole time we were talking. then we take him to the temple model and kind of just explained what our purpose is here. he just goes, that is something i am really trying to figure out. i was like well perfect. we can help you with that. the spirit was just so strong. that was probably the most spiritual tour i have ever given. there was no way that anyone could deny the spirit that was there. he really wanted a book of mormon so we took him to a desk and got him one, then we got his information so that we can call him and see how he is doing. i can’t wait to talk to him and get him with local missionaries!

now let me tell you about the perfect halloween. so we wake up, have studies, and get to go to a baptism. this little girl named Ruby is only 8 and was just adopted into a family here in utah in august. she is from China. so she doesn’t speak hardly any english. so my companion has been teaching her. anyways, she got baptized Saturday and it was just the cutest thing. she is adorable. and so happy! funny fact, since i am a missionary, everyone thinks that you can sing or play the piano. so her family asked if we could do a musical number. so we are like sure, we will sing “i am a child of god” in chinese thinking it would just be her family. nope, we get to the building and 4 kids were getting baptized… the chapel was full… i was like what the heck. how am i supposed to sing in mandarin in front of all these people. but it’s okay. i did it!

then we came back to the square for just a little bit because it closed at 5 on halloween. sooo at 5 we all went to the church office building where they had Olive Garden waiting for us…yessss…we are spoiled… then we went to the temple as a whole mission. everyone serving on temple square including President and all the senior couples. there is honestly NO other way i would want to be spending halloween than in the temple with some of the most amazing people from all over the world. at the end, we just sat and talked. we asked President a bunch of really hard questions that we always get. he is so amazing. he just knows how to answer everything. just being there with everyone, just made me realize how blessed i am to serve on temple square. this is such an amazing mission with so many amazing people from all over the world with amazing experiences and stories. i love it here!

i love this quote so i am going to let you all read it. “men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicker their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life”. Heavenly Father knows each of our potential. If we turn to him, and show him our weaknesses, he will shape us into the person that he wants us to become. I am so grateful for that. We can always change. As we let our will become the Lords will, we will truly find so much joy.

funny moments of the week:
1) someone asked my companion what she liked about another sister here, and she just replies, “I LOVE HER CHASTITY”… i looked at her and just was like what the heck sister li… then she goes, i meant her charity!!! so cute. only asians can do that and it can be okay.
2) ya know how in America we call Jesus the bread of life? so for Asians, we started saying Jesus is the rice of life hahaha… honestly these are probably only funny to missionaries… i hope i am not losing my sense of humor…. oh well.

the scripture i am ponderizing this week is Ether 12:6, “I would unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith”. faith leads to action. simple as that!

i love p-days. all of us put our mattresses in the living room of our apartment so we have been sleeping all together in there. it’s so fun. we watch the joseph smith papers every night before we go to bed. they are super good. you should watch them if you haven’t seen them. my other 2 roommates both go home in december, so we are enjoying every minute. this morning, a couple of us woke up and ran to Einstein Bagels for our workout, then of course got a bagel. now we are going grocery shopping, then we have a zone activity at the nursing home. my last week of this transfer. crazy how fast time flies. pray that i get a cool companion….

i love you all so much! i am so happy here! keep being great. keep loving life. keep praying. keep reading your scriptures. keep choosing the right.
lots of love
Sister Clark


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