hello again everyone!

well it is officially about to be Christmas time here on the square.the lights turn on friday. exciting times ahead filled with lots and lots of people, lots and lots of proposals, lots and lots of smiling, and just lots of fun. i am so excited to be serving on temple square for the c\Christmas season, but it does make me sad that this is the only year i will be a missionary here for the lights. oh well i will come back next year as a normal person i guess… but everything will be changing here in just 2 days. our days are a lot longer… we are on the square till 10:15 every night. i am going to be so dead at the end of all of this. but what a great time of year to be serving a mission and truly focusing on the Lord and helping him to do his work here.

the new church Christmas initiative videos come out this weekend, i think on sunday maybe. but there are actually 2 of them this year. they are both so good and i can’t wait for y’all to see them.here is the link to watch them when they come out i think… https://www.mormon.org/christmas/teaser

we had a special christmas training this past week with president and it was way good. just got us all so excited for christmas and for the lights and everything that is happening here. the spirit is strong here all the time, but it is even stronger at christmas time. president made it a goal for us to get 900 baptisms by the end of the year. he said that the greatest gift we could give to the Savior at this time of year is to bring his children back to him. so that is what we are doing here. just this last 2 weeks, the mission has had 40 baptisms.every time there is a baptism, guest services texts it out to the mission. so it says their name and where they are from. people from all over the world are getting baptized. God’s work is moving forward. nothing can stop it. pretty amazing! this leads me to our miracle of the week.

becky: so becky comes onto chat monday evening. she is from wales. she talked about how she used to meet with missionaries, but now her area no longer has missionaries but she wants to start learning again. so we got her number and called her right then. it was late in wales, but she said we could call. we got to know her a little bit, and she was saying that she knows that baptism is the next step. we talked to her about it and asked her how she felt. she said that if she received the answer that she knew it was true, she would definitely get baptized, but she hadn’t yet received the answer. so we said, how do you feel about december 12th? she just says that is so soon. i don’t think i will be able to give up drinking and smoking by then. we told her that if she truly wanted to she could, but we let her pick her baptism date. she then picked january 2nd. we were excited for that day because she was able to pick it herself. that meant more to her i feel like. so at the end, we told her to kneel down and pray to know if january 2nd is good. so we are praying with her over the phone and at the end she says, january 2nd won’t work. sister danso and i are just like…why? she goes, i am supposed to get baptized december 19th. at that moment she was able to receive that personal revelation to know that God truly will prepare a path for her to make sure this happens. she is just so amazing and to see her receive her answer was even better. the church is so true. what a better gift for her to give back to the Savior than to choose to come back to him. so happy.

hmm what else. we got a referral from a member and her friends name is Tonya. her friend said that Tonya wanted to meet with local missionaries as well. so we contacted Tonya, and were able to teach her the Restoration. the spirit was so strong. i can’t even explain to you how amazing it is to feel the spirit even when you talk over the phone. it is something that so many people think would be impossible, but it is so real. heavenly father sends the spirit to those to testify the truth of our message.

well i guess before i get ahead of myself, i do realize that tomorrow is thanksgiving. i am so lucky that my companion and i get to go over and spend thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle here in utah. it will be so nice to spend time with family. but as i do think about thanksgiving, i think about all of the things that i am grateful for. the list could go on and on, but i will name a few i guess…

1) my family
2) the gospel
3) my mission
4) temples
5) the priesthood
6) moes burritos and bojangles chicken biscuits(i miss them a lot)
7) Heavenly Father and the Savior Jesus Christ
8) my friends
9) college
10) temple square and everyone that i have met on my mission.

there is obviously a lot more that i am thankful for, but that is just a few. but the scripture that i am ponderizing this week is perfect for thanksgiving. it is Alma 26:37
“now by bretheren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving;yea, and i will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.”

we have so much to be thankful for. i am so humbled to be a part of this work. the work is moving along and i find so much joy and happiness as i am apart of it. i love my Savior Jesus Christ and i am so thankful for his atoning, infinite, and eternal sacrifice for each one of us. i know that he lives.

i love you all so much! think of things you are grateful for this week. i know you can name plenty. family, don’t miss me too much this thanksgiving. i will be back with you all next year! also, happy birthday to my favorite sister named hannah this week. i love you!

love you all!
Sister Clark



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