Mama, I made it!


my mission is accomplished. that is what my header is referring to. my comp and i made it on the internet yesterday. haha obviouly my mission is not accomplished but pretty cool stuff. you can look at the article here and look at how pretty my mission is. this is the best place to be all the time, but especially at christmas time.

but this week was so amazing and we saw so many miracles. the lights are on and it is the best. seriously, the square is soooo beautiful at night and i just love it. the first night the lights turned on, we were singing outside and the whole square just lit up and it was like a movie. so pretty.

i’ll start with Thanksgiving because it was just so good. I got to go to my aunt and uncle’s house and spend time with my family and meet a lot more of my family. the turkey was the best i have ever had (granddaddy, you know fred made me say that). but it was so nice to be with them. i enjoyed every minute of it, and went home with lots of good food, including boiled peanuts. yessss. a very good thanksgiving.

then onto the miracles.
so the day before thanksgiving i answered the phone in teaching center. this guy named chuck called in and just was telling me about his life. he is from North Carolina but just moved to Louisiana for work. so obviously we clicked because we are both from the south. anyways, we talked for a while. he didn’t know anything about the church. i shared a couple of scriptures with him and then at the end he agreed to meet with local missionaries. i got them in contact with him. for the next few days, i just prayed and prayed that the missionaries there would be perfect for him, because he deserves it. so yesterday, we called him and he met with the missionaries in the morning. the missionaries missed their studies so they could meet with him b/c he is really busy. already a good sign that the missionaries made time. then he just went on and on about how amazing they were. how they really cared about him. how he felt open with them and very comfortable around them. he said he just felt so much peace with them, and when they left he felt like a huge weight had been lifted from him. he just said they felt like his best friends. they are meeting with him again either Thursday or Friday. Anyways, the whole entire phone call with him was so spiritual and i cried multiple times. i especially cried at the end right before we hung up. he said, “sister clark, i really hope i can meet you one day so i can thank you for changing my life”. i just started bawling. that is what this work really is all about and it makes me so incredibly happy to be a part of it.

i have also met so many amazing members this week. you can just see the light of Christ in their eyes and the spirit that they bring onto the square is the best. i met this one amazing couple that i will never ever forget.

well our schedule for the lights is crazy. we have to be kind of everywhere so that the square runs smoothly with so many people here. but one of my favorite things that we get to do is sing and smile. we just get together with like 16 missionaries and we sing and we get all the guests to join in and it’s just so fun! i love it. christmas time is the best.

i hope you all got to watch the 2 new christmas videos done by the church. here is the link to watch them if you didn’t get to.

i was reading in Alma 5 this week and one of my favorite verses is 26. It says,
“if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?”
i feel like this is just so simple. if we have a change of heart, we must continually act on it. we can never be settled with anything. we have to continue to grow and change and allow our experiences to change us. i feel that so many times we are afraid of change, but change is the only way that we can become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. we must stretch and grow, and then always remember those experiences that allowed us to become the person that God knows each one of us can become. our potential is so much greater than we think it is. keep trying each day to develop into that person.

funny moments of the week:
1) closing beehive is really really scary b/c the house is really old and i swear it is haunted. anyways, we were in the backroom sitting and it was like 8 and i heard someone scratching on the window outside. then they came and started messing with the doorknob in the room i was in… i was so mad and got up to go to the front and i walked in and it was security…they love to play jokes on me b/c they know i always scream… yes, mom, i still scream really high pitched like when you scare me at home. don’t worry they take care of me here too….
2) one of my favorite security guys walked in to beehive to close it last night and was playing one of JB’s new songs because he knows that i love JB hahaha what a loser.
3) still no one cares about where i am from. especially since my comp is from ghana so she has a cool flag and i just have an american flag. oh well. one day people will ask where i am from.

anyways, i love you all so very much. i am so thankful for this holiday season to truly reflect on why we celebrate. our mission presidents wife talked to us about gifts that we can give to the Savior this holiday season. These are some that she named: a humble heart, service, pray with sincerity, study the scriptures daily, make a goal and keep it, have faith during trials, become a lifetime learner, gain a testimony of a gospel principle and give thanks to God in all things. These are all gifts that we should give the Savior not only now, but forever. Pick one and work on it. I know that as we choose to do these things, we will have a better understanding of who God is. We will feel his love more strongly. We will feel the atonement of Jesus Christ even stronger in our own lives. The atonement is eternal. It enables each one of us. It is the greatest gift that we have been given in this life.

i love each one of you so much and i love being a missionary. i wish you could all be here experiencing these moments with me. it would make it ever better!

love you all and choose the right
Sister Clark



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