“Can you take a picture? Where’s the bathroom?” 12.9.15

well this has been one of the best weeks on my mission because i got to see my parents and hannah!! i am so happy that i have a mission president that allows family to come once for a tour and dinner and it was so nice to take them around my home away from home! it was definitely weird to have them here, but it made me so happy! crazy to think that in less than a year i will be home with them. gotta work hard till then though! carly, don’t worry. i will see you in a few months for your tour ๐Ÿ™‚

the lights have brought thousands and thousands of people here to temple square and it is always crazy busy at night and it is really hard to not lose your companion…and also get asked can you take a picture and where is the bathroom at least 50 times a night…but i am so glad to see so many people here! there is such a special spirit here at christmas time and i love it.

we got to watch the christmas devotional on Sunday and i loved every single talk. elder l whitney clayton talked about the peace and comfort that comes from the savior jesus christ. we need not let any earthly problem be lasting. none of us is beyond redeeming. that is such a message of hope, which is the exact message that comes from the birth and atonement of the savior jesus christ. we each are able to have that hope. the saviors gift of peace can live in our hearts regardless of our circumstances. i also loved sister burtons talk and how she tied everything into the plan of salvation. the plan of salvation truly is the plan of happiness and the only way that we are able to receive that happiness is through jesus christ. christ is the center of that plan. christ is the prince of peace. when times are difficult, we must choose to turn to him and to the fathers plan. i am so thankful for our savior, jesus christ and for the message of peace, hope, happiness, joy and so much more. we must find him which we can do by simply turning to him.

our investigators are doing well:
we found a new investigator this week which is really cool because you realize how small the world is. her name is daytona and she was actually a referral from a member. her boyfriend is serving in south carolina!! mormon world is really too small sometimes… but she lives in kansas and we have been able to teach her twice in the last week. she went to church sunday and has been reading the book of mormon. we got her in contact with the missionaries but in the meantime we put her on date for baptism. when she met with the missionaries she confirmed the baptism date with them. she is getting baptized december 19th! so exciting. she truly is so prepared!
ezekiel: yay for ezekiel. he is the best. the week before last we talked to him about baptism which i was really scared about because he is kind of shy and i thought it would scare him away. but then we called him this last week and he said he had really been thinking about baptism. when he said that i was just like what… but it is amazing to see the change in him since i started talking with him a few months ago. and i am so happy that i get to call him tonight ๐Ÿ™‚
chuck: we haven’t been able to talk with chuck much because he works on a christmas tree farm which means he is crazy busy…but he has met with the missionaries twice and we are calling him tomorrow morning!

i love how everyone has the christmas spirit right now and i wish that this is how everyone acted all the time. people are so much more willing to change. they are able to see the hand of the lord in their lives. they find peace and joy in so many things. this is something that we should strive for all the time. the message of the gospel of jesus christ is what allows us to not just recognize these things during the holidays, but to recognize this in all parts of our lives. one thing that i decided to do on my mission was make a journal of tender mercies/happy moments/heavenly fathers hand in my life. every night i am able to reflect on my day and see how happy i am to have the gospel in my life, but especially how happy i am to be sharing that joy with all of those around me.

find ways this christmas season where people are able to see the light of christ in your eyes. serve those around you. love those around you. share the happiness of the gospel with those around you and i promise that you will be happier people. i love this gospel. i love my savior. i am so thankful to have a loving heavenly father that sent his son jesus christ to the earth to make it possible for each of us to find that peace and happiness in this life. an invitation to follow the savior is an invitation to change.

here is a short video we watched in district meeting that i really love.


ps: sister danso is going outbound to pittsburgh, pennsylvania on wednesday!
transfers are next wednesday, so i most likely will not be emailing on wednesday, and it could be till the next week that i have another p-day. we will see.

i love y’all so much!



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