le ho family and friends,

my new p-day is friday and my new comp is sister wong from hong kong! so now i will learn some cantonese, but she speaks mandarin too so i can brush up on my ni hao skills. it is going to be a good transfer. i am excited. our assignment is just square, so we walk around and take tours and talk to people pretty much all day. it will be good. lots of contacting. i have been so dead since the lights have been on. going to be at 11:45 is not for me. or any sister missionary… so today for p-day i seriously slept for like 3 hours. i am so tired. i love the lights but it will also be nice for them to be off at the end of this. just 2 more weeks haha. then the square will be dead again which will be lame and then it will be busy again for conference and summer. time flies.

sister danso left for outbound on wednesday.so on tuesday night we were both packing because i moved and she had to pack her stuff for pennsylvania and we were just talking about the mission and what we have learned so far. we talked about how amazing it was to be surrounded by 200 representatives of jesus christ every single day of our mission. the experiences that we have and the joy that comes from this work, only happens when we serve a mission. i am so happy that i am here serving the savior jesus christ, and truly getting to know him. i feel like i am getting to know him so personally.

so i will tell you really quickly about some of my investigators:
Daytona: her boyfriend is the one serving in south carolina. she gets baptized tomorrow! we will skype it. so exciting. she is so prepared. she was talking about how she knows this is all true and she is doing it for herself. yay. i love her excitement for the gospel.
Ezekiel: i have never met someone as sincere as ezekiel. we talked to him yesterday, and he was so open. more open than he has ever been. it is just amazing to see the change in him since i first started teaching him in september. and guess what?? he texted us about church and said that he was going to meet with the missionaries after christmas. that was seriously a miracle. i told y’all before that he hasn’t prayed in 9 years and 2 weeks ago he started praying again. he has been praying every night. seriously every time i talk to him, i am just so happy. he is starting to progress so much faster, and the local missionaries will help so much. he is worried that they won’t be as good as me haha he is so sweet!

yesterday, Michael Wilcox came and spoke to us about Christmas time, and then today Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the 70 came and spoke to us! He talked about how the greatest sermon Christ ever gave was not in the temple, or in the synagogues, or on the mount, but it was his entire life. he talked a lot about being and doing. we must do both. don’t just do things, but be things. if we are grateful for what the savior did, then we would emulate him. he also talked about how serving a mission is going to the Lords university. we must go through tough courses, if we want to become as he is. he talked about how the teacher learns more than the student, and as missionaries we are the teacher. i definitely agree with that. i have learned so much more than anyone else that i have taught. he also talked about how instead of making a to do list, we need to make a to be list. it won’t be a list that we will check off, but it will be a list that we will continually be working on. 3 Nephi 27:27, ” what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily, I say unto you, even as I am”. we have to use the atonement every single day, in order to overcome our weaknesses and become more like the Savior, who is our greatest example. this is the perfect time of year to come to know who christ is to each of us and to develop a personal relationship with him.

funny moments:
1) Donny Osmond was here last week. sorry mom 🙂
2) i was at my assignment at a desk last week for 50 minutes, and i got asked where the bathroom was 68 times.
3) one of the departing sisters leaving to go home shared this with us at transfer conference and we all died, “if you fall in a river there’s a boat, if you fall in a well there’s a rope, if you fall in love there’s no hope, so focus on your mission”.

one more week till christmas! here is a scripture to remember why we have this holiday:
“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The might God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace”. Isaiah 9:6

i love you all so much!
Sister Clark


My Christmas Card!


MTC Comps forever ❤


More snow!


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