happy new years everyone!! i can’t believe it is already 2016. time is flying.

i really don’t like friday p-days. i feel like p-day never comes and so many things happen throughout the week and i can’t remember any of it. but anyways, it was really good to skype the family on christmas!! so good to see all of your pretty faces. y’all are the best.

christmas was good. it didn’t really feel much like christmas here honestly. maybe that had to do with the christmas breakfast i ate… my comp and another asian made us stirfry, ramen, dumplings, and chicken nuggests. luckily i brought muffin mix over to their apartment so it felt kind of like breakfast… that is one thing i am looking forward to this christmas is a normal christmas breakfast at home haha. but after breakfast we opened presents, and skyped, and then had our christmas devotional. i really liked the devotional. it is so nice to really focus on the true meaning of christmas. then we all went back to the visitor center and had milk and cookies and then we opened our presents from the mission. president and sister poulsen went all out since it was their last christmas as mission president. they are the best and i will really miss them. then we went to a baptism of one of my investigators jenny! she is from china but married an american so she lives here in utah now. her husband is a member and i taught her with my old asian comp sis. li. so she finally got baptized on christmas. it was so sweet! that was a perfect way to spend my only christmas as a missionary.

this last week has been so amazing. we have found so many people on the square that are prepared to hear the gospel. in the past 4 days, sister wong and i have found 9 new investigators from square and most of them wanted to meet with missionaries at home! i am just trying to be really bold with everyone and i have been working really hard on asking questions that make people on the square think. i think that it really has helped them to be more open to learning. i am excited to be able to teach them all!

this week i have had so many tender mercies where i really came know that temple square is exactly where i need to be. there are certain people that i have met that i know this is why i am here. i am so thankful for that. i remember before i came on my mission, my bishop in idaho said, “abby, there are people that need you. only you can change them.” i really do believe that. heavenly father puts people in our paths that we need to help. we just need to open our mouths and say what we feel, and i promise that is exactly what those people need to hear. that has happened so many times on my mission and i love it.

the other day during studies i was reading in john. i read this verse in john 16:33 and i really loved it. it says, “these things i have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; i have overcome the world”.
yesterday the other sis. clark from florida and i were talking about what we feel like is the best thing we have learned on our mission since we both came out the same time. i talked about how i really do know that heavenly father has a perfect plan for every single one of us. he knows exactly what we need. yes, we might go through trials. it might not always be what we want, but we still must be of good cheer, because christ provided that way for each of us to find peace.

well yesterday for relief society we talked about the mission goal for baptisms this year. a couple weeks ago we talked about how we wanted our goal to be 900 baptisms. we had one month to get 100 more baptisms. well… we got 116 baptisms. temple square had 916 baptisms this year. they had a slideshow of some of the people that were baptized and it was seriously people from all over the world. so amazing. president got up and shared matthew 28:19, “go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. how special it is that this is the only mission where we really do get to go therefore and teach all nations. it is such a privilege to have a small part in such a great work. i love this work so much. i love it more and more each day and i find so much happiness and joy as i serve my savior and as he stands beside me as i do it.

so today marks a new year and this is a perfect scripture to start it out with. “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;” Ecclesiates 3:1,6 set goals this year that aren’t just physical goals, but set spiritual goals. make a to be list. think of something that you want to do this year to come closer to the savior.

i love y’all so much! thanks again for all of the letters and presents. you really are the best! see you all this year 😉
Sister Clark


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