January 22, 2016

hello again everyone!

i cannot believe that January is almost over. what… how did that even happen? this week has been a tough week i’ll be honest. missions aren’t always smiles and rainbows you know haha, but it’s good because i like the trials that i am experiencing because i can grow and come closer to the savior. i know that i really couldn’t do any of this work without the savior.

i called my 3rd transfer “my refiners fire”, but now i changed this transfer to the ultimate refiners fire. i was talking to my mission president yesterday about missions and the joys and the hard times of missions. i talked about how i feel like on a mission every single missionaries weaknesses are just put out there for everyone to see…it’s just the best thing ever haha. but really as a missionary, you see every little bit of patience that you don’t have, and all these things that you want to change and it is overwhelming because you don’t feel like you have that much time to change and become better. so i looked up the definition of conversion and i think it makes perfect sense to how we each feel sometimes. “conversion denotes changing one’s views, in a conscious acceptance of the will of God. If followed by continued faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism in water for the remission of sins, the reception of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, conversion will become complete and will change a natural man into a sanctified, born again, purified person. complete conversion comes after many trials and much testing”. i know that heavenly father trusts each of us and that is why he gives us trials and tests. we need to have trials and tests in order to become truly converted to the gospel of jesus christ. sooooo i guess ask for more trials and appreciate them when they come! i love luke 22:32, “when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren” in order to do this work and in order to share his gospel, i have to become converted first! that’s what a mission is all about.

but let’s see, i’ll tell you about a few of our investigators:
we got a really sweet/cool new investigator from england. his name is rishi. he is so willing to learn and change it’s the best. and to add to it he is super funny so the whole time i talk to him on the phone i just laugh. it’s the best. but he is very sincere and he has been to church a couple of times and met with the missionaries and so he is going to meet with them again. i’m excited to see what happens with him.
ezekiel is doing well. he is so nervous to meet with missionaries in canada. i really want him to meet with them because they can do so much more than i can in utah… but i just have to be patient with him. he has been to church so many times!! i also shared with him the definition of conversion because he has a hard time accepting that heavenly father loves him and cares about him. we shared a story with him about a girl who was blind and deaf. her mom at the beginning helped her with everything, but at some point she had to kind of leave her on her own to figure life out herself. one day, the mom told the girl to cook something. when she was cooking she cut her finer. the little girl asked her why her mom wasn’t helping her, and the mom just responded talking about how she was there the whole time watching, and that she had tears in her eyes, but the little girl has to learn and grow even if it is uncomfortable. that is exactly like heavenly father. he sent us here to the earth. life isn’t always perfect, but no matter what heavenly father is always there watching us.

missionaries always ask each other the question, “why did you come on a mission”. it is the best to see why so many people came on a mission and why so many people are still on their missions. the reason people stayed on their mission, is usually completely different than why they came on their mission. i was thinking about that as well. i came on my mission because i felt like i needed to serve a mission. the holy ghost prompted me to be here. he obviously knew why i needed to be here. but the reason i am still here is because i now understand the atonement. i now have a personal relationship with my heavenly father and with my savior jesus christ and because of that, i want others to feel the same way. i want others to find the peace and the happiness that i have found from the gospel of jesus christ. there is a quote in preach my gospel that says, “as your understanding of the atonement of jesus christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase”. i love being a missionary and sharing his perfect gospel with all people.

we had a worldwide missionary broadcast on wednesday. it was so good and i learned so much from it. they shared this scripture in matthew 10, “whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will i confess also before my father which is in heaven”. i left my journal so i forgot who said this, but they said, if we ever do not know what to say to someone, testify of the savior. that is what we need to focus on. and as the promise says in matthew, if we speak of the savior, he will speak of us to the father. that is so comforting to know and also gives me a desire to speak to more and more people of him.

i love being a missionary. i love going through a refiners fire. i love this work. i love my savior and i am so grateful to have a loving heavenly father who sent his son to the earth so that we can have that eternal joy and peace.

i love each one of you so much!
sister clark

funny moments:
1) having another asian companion i am now tested on my english skills. they always ask me what a word means and i sometimes have no idea. with that being said, i think being in an (esl) mission, my english is getting worse…
2) david archuleta was here on tuesday night with his friend, and we were going down the escalator in the north visitor center and he was going up it and you would all be so impressed that i didn’t turn around and go back up the escalator. he was here to go to the temple but the salt lake temple is closed so he was just walking around temple square. don’t worry. next time i will get to have a conversation wit him and i am going to invite him to do something and then get his number to follow up with him 😉


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