“West Coast Represent”

hello again everyone!

well, i am going outbound! they send temple square sisters to a different mission for 3 months to proselyte and work with wards and things like that so we can see the other side of missionary work. i got called into presidents office on monday, where he gave me the call letter. our info goes all back through the missionary department and everything again and we get assigned to a different mission by one of the apostles, so that’s kinda cool. anyways, i am leaving february 3rd to serve in the san diego california mission! i will get back may 4th. after over 30 weeks on temple square it will definitely be a nice change. i am excited to learn and grow and then apply everything that i learned outbound, to the 6 months i will have left here on temple square when i get back. i also got to call my family and tell them about it which was fun. it is weird to talk to them on the phone. i felt like a normal person again for a few minutes.

so this last week here has been kinda sad… i had to tell all my investigators and recent converts that i was leaving. i will definitely miss being on sacred ground every day, and looking up at the temple whenever i am here. the spirit here is so amazing and it helps so much in the work, but i know that i was able to learn so much here and that i can bring that to san diego.

so sis. wong and i have been teaching a woman named xin the last 6 weeks. we met her at the christus during the lights time. she just married a member of the church. she is from mainland china and speaks very little english. he doesn’t speak chinese so i don’t know how that works… the spirit of love i guess. but anyways, she is so amazing. they come here every saturday for her lesson. so we put her on date about a month ago. she is getting baptized tomorrow! what a perfect way to leave temple square and we get to go to it. the elders came here last night and did her interview. so exciting. she is seriously so sweet and was so receptive of the gospel from the beginning.

let’s see what else has happened… not much honestly. it’s pretty dead. but the chinese people are already starting to come by the ton… haha really though. we took like 3 mandarin tours in a row the other day. it’s good though. at least it gives us something to do when there is no one else on the square. i am looking forward to being in san diego and being with an english speaking comp so i can actually understand what is going on. it will be nice.

well transfers are coming up this week and it is so nice to not even be scared. of course i will be scared when i get to san diego, but at least i don’t have to worry about who will be my comp here and where i am moving and all that stuff. now we just have lots to pack and stuff like that. it is gonna be a busy next couple of days before we head out. there are 4 of us from temple square going to california. then 6 are going to vegas and 2 are going to pennsylvania. i’m sad though because the group that went outbound 2 transfers ago are some of my favorite sisters, and we won’t be able to see each other till i get back from outbound. that means we won’t see each other for 6 months… so sad.

i probably won’t be emailing until february 9th. san diego has tuesday p-days. i will miss a p-day next week, so the next time i email i will be in sunny warm california 🙂

i love this work so much and i can’t wait to see what there is waiting for me in san diego. i know that there are people there that are prepared to hear the message of the gospel and i can’t wait to go there and work work work and share the happiness that it brings to me. 3 months is not long enough so i will do the best that i can, in helping the work to move forward. i love my savior and i love his perfect gospel.

have a great week! i love you all.
Sister Clark

funny moment of the week:
there was a little emergency down stairs in the basement of the south visitor center and we walk down to go eat lunch, and there are a couple of fire fighters down there, and my asian comp has no idea what is going on, and she just goes, “how can we help you?”… hahah i died laughing…


Headed to San Diego!


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