Asian Invasion

hello everyone!!

first off happy 16th birthday to my BABEy sister Carly!! don’t get married before I’m back. Haha just kidding. love you!

well I’m in good old San Diego! it’s so perfect here I love it. the weather has been amazing. the people are so nice. it’s just great. my area is La Jolla! we have a couple of investigators we are teaching and have added a few more to that this week. my comp is from Korea. her name is Sister Seo. i literally can’t get away from Asians. it works out well though because there are so many mandarin people here so I can speak to them in my little bit of Chinese haha. half of my comps on my mission have been Asian. my district here has 2 companionships of mandarin speakers including my last comp from temple square and then ASL missionaries. it’s super fun to be with elders though. they make the work a lot more enjoyable haha. Sister Seo is great and she goes home this transfer, so I will “kill” her and get a new comp, but will most likely stay in this area next transfer as well. i love San Diego though. it’s perfect! i’m gonna live here one day. oh yeah and the temple is in my area. it’s sooooo beautiful. it’s kind of a nice change of scenery from seeing the salt lake temple every day.

i haven’t had p-day in 11 days so i have a lot that has happened but i seriously can’t remember anything haha so i’ll tell you about some of the people we teach!

Andy: Andys girlfriend is a member who was less active but now she’s active. they are so sweet. so we teach them at the temple a couple nights a week. it’s like im still at temple square haha but it’s the best. Andy used to not believe in God or anything like that. Now he prays and reads his scriptures and he has progressed so much from what Sister Seo explained he used to be like. He and his girlfriend go to church every Sunday too and her testimony is solid which is a big help when we are teaching him. he is planning on getting baptized in April or May because they live together so they have to get married! i hope it happens before I leave San Diego haha. it is really cool to teach them. he’s kind of quiet and shy but he’s fun to teach.

Kathy: so Kathy is married to a member. they are probably in their 50s. apparently she is pretty stubborn but she’s really nice. they are really busy so we don’t get to teach them as often as we want but we teach them once a week. i think the best thing we can do for her is just read the Book of Mormon with her. she knows all the lessons. she could probably teach them to me. i think she just needs to feel the spirit then she will know it is true. so we will see where that goes.

there’s a few more we teach but we teach A LOT of less actives. our relief society president has given us this huge list of less actives so we are going through the list visiting them and teaching them and doing service for them. its pretty fun.

it’s kind of weird because sometimes I feel like I am on vacation here. well it doesn’t help that I am in San Diego, but it really is so much less stressful than temple square… sometimes I feel super lazy here because I am so used to talking to so many people every day and we don’t really do that here. or when I sit down and get an hour to eat for lunch and dinner I feel like a sinner because it feels like such a waste of time haha but it’s okay. my body is adjusting to not working as hard. not complaining about it though haha just an adjustment.

i thought it would be weird being a missionary in a full proselyting area but it’s not. i really am surprised at how much I learned on temple square and how missionary work really is the same no matter where you are serving. after serving on temple square you kinda become pro at contacting people because that is all you do every day, so that’s one thing I need to help my comp with… haha but it’s all good. we both have lots to learn. i really am so grateful though for the things I learned on temple square that I can apply here in San Diego. by the way: I am my comps 4th sister from temple square haha she can’t get away from us just like I can’t get away from Asians.

the other day during studies i was reading in John 15. i might have shared this with y’all before but I love these 2 verses. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you”.

i love those 2 verses because it really does show the love that Christ has for each one of us. he didn’t perform the atonement for some, but he did it for each one of us. he knows us one by one and we are his friends. pretty cool, right?

well I am happy to be here serving the Lord in sunny San Diego. i love being a missionary. I know that this is Christs’ church. I love the happiness and peace that the gospel brings into our lives. It’s not temporary happiness and peace, but it’s eternal!

thanks for all the emails, letters, packages, love, and prayers. it means so much.
i love you all so much! choose the right 🙂
Sista Clark

now we are off to the temple to do a session with the zone and then we are all gonna go by the beach and play sports.

also, here is my address until May 4th so you can send me packages and letters if you miss me and love me:
Sister Abby Clark
7404 Armstrong Place
San Diego, California 92111

let’s see funny moments of the week:
– well I’m a pro weeder now. every time we do service it always includes pulling weeds haha and we always do it with the other sisters in the apartment and one is from America and her name is sister wilson. my comp always says, “is this weed?” they just forget to add one little word and it changes the whole sentence haha but anyways I think at the end of my mission I will make a book called, “what esl sisters say” it would be great.
– when I speak mandarin to a Chinese person they freak out a little bit haha



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