Sun, Warmth, and Happiness


Hello again everyone!

well it’s been another good week here in San Diego. lots of cool miracles and tender mercies that’s for sure and I’m enjoying every minute of it. the work is moving along here as quickly as it can haha this area is apparently pretty slow with missionary work, but we have been able to find some really prepared people to teach!

on tuesday after p-day we met with a less active Bro. Christensen and read the book of mormon with him. then we had a lesson with 2 new investigators names Lilia and Vaseil. Lilia is the mom and Vaseil is the son. in the 1990s they met with missionaries in Bulgaria and remembered them so when they saw the temple here, they wanted to learn again from missionaries. so we taught them for the first time Tuesday and it went really well! Lilia is super prepared. we committed her to baptism after we taught the restoration and she said yes. 🙂

on wednesday we had a zone meeting in the morning which was super good. my zone has some amazing missionaries in it that I have learned a lot from already. we talked a lot about working with members and gaining their trust so that was helpful! then we did service for a guy in the YSA ward named Wesley in pacific beach which is so pretty. then we met with the relief society president and our ward mission leader who are seriously the best people ever. we went through a list of people we needed to visit this week and pretty much just organized plans! then we visited with a less active named Laura who is so amazing and she came to church sunday which was a miracle!

on thursday we did service for “grandma and grandpa”. we pulled lots of weeds and helped clean up the yard. in the last few years they have served 5 missions! they fed us lunch and it was great to hear all of their mission stories. then we had weekly planning which seriously takes FOREVER. then we visited a sweet lady in our ward sister cash. her husband passed away last year, but she is so positive and so charitable. she is such a good example on how to face trials and turn to the lord.

friday we taught a new investigator Gwinievere. that was interesting… so we will see how that goes. we visited some less actives and street contacted for a while and found a new investigator Ryan. then we visited sister rodeen who is a member of the ward. she is a single mom and is so amazing. she has kidney disease so it’s pretty sad but yet again she is so positive. the ward is doing so much for her and her family. she lives with her son and then her parents who are pretty old and can’t do much. but our relief society president is on top of it and has people bringing meals to them every night. it is so nice to just go and sit with her and cheer her up and share an uplifting message.

saturday we street contacted for a while. honestly visiting people didn’t really go too well that day because it was almost valentines and it was a long weekend so people were busy. but while we contacted we were walking through an apartment complex and found 2 new investigators a husband and a wife. they are from Saudi Arabia. we will have a lesson with them this week so that’s exciting! we helped her a little in her yard too before we had lunch. then the rest of the day was pretty much contacting and attempting to visit people…didn’t go too well haha

sunday we had a stake conference that was broadcast from Salt Lake City…I can’t get away from temple square even if I try haha but it was so good! a few apostles spoke and some other leaders. they talked a lot about faith and how it really goes down to 3 simple steps that as missionaries we call CPR. church, prayer, and reading. it gives us the spiritual strength that we need throughout the week. it was really good though and I learned a lot! they also talked a lot about the restoration and how every question we get about the church should lead back to the restoration. also we found a super prepared guy named David on the street who is our new investigator! we taught him the restoration, gave him a book of mormon, and prayed with him all on the street. it was great.

yesterday we didn’t get to visit too many people. everyone is out of town or at the beach… so we went by our relief society presidents apartment and helped with a lot of things because we are having a ward party Saturday. then we had dinner and a lesson with Becca the member and her boyfriend Andy who is our investigator. it was a way good lesson. we talked about baptism again with him and he is still praying about it but is definitely thinking about April. yay! then we met with another investigator in our ward Kathy who is married to a member. we talked about the plan of salvation with her. it was good! we just need to get her to commit.

so there have been lots of little miracles here this week with finding new people to teach. this truly is the Lords work and we are just here to be the instrument in His hands. it is the greatest and most important work we can do and you don’t even have to have a name tag to do it. sharing the gospel and seeing others come closer Christ really is the most rewarding work in the world and I am so happy I get to play a tiny part in it.

“Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me; And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost”. Doctrine and Covenants 50:41-42

i love you all! choose the right.
Sister Clark

funny moments:
1) the other day we were in the car and we had the windows rolled down and were at a stop light. this guy next to us honks so I look at him and he winks at me hahha soooo I showed my nametag and gave him a Book of Mormon download card. yesssss.
2) our zone leaders always send us texts and emails with updates and they always end saying, “with appropriate love and charity” and it just makes me laugh because it’s so funny to be in a mission with elders and see how they act. its great haha



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