I Love Jesus. He is Awesome!

hello again everyone!

what a good week it has been!

wednesday:  we had MTE(missionary training experience). it was really good! I learned a lot and it was great. we talked a lot about helping investigators to repent and the joy that comes from repentance. then after that i went on 24 hour exchanges with the sister training leader here. I got to go to her area which is Santee. she covers a YSA ward and a family ward so we taught lots of YSA investigators that night. we were so busy.

thursday: thursday was weekly planning. not much happened. we had dinner with the Lewis family, and sister lewis served her mission on temple square in the 90s! it was so fun to talk with her and compare our crazy temple square experiences with each other, because we both had plenty…then we street contacted for a long time…not much success but it’s okay.

friday: we did service at a YSAs grandparents home with a couple of elders and our roommates. that was good! i actually enjoy service…who would have thought i would ever say that… then we had district meeting and then went and met with one of our less actives. her name is Wendy. she is theeeeeee best! every monday and friday we meet with her and walk for like 30 minutes at the park and then share a message with her. the whole time we walk she seriously tells me all about reality tv which is definitely my weakness… she tells me all about what is happening on the bachelor haha it’s great. then we went and visited another less active family who has a 19 year old non member living with them which we didn’t know…but he is seriously scared of missionaries haha he thinks we are just gonna come in and baptize him it’s pretty funny. but the family is so much fun and it was great to be in their home with them. they came to the ward Valentine’s Day party the next day and then church on Sunday, and even Rudy the non member came to both so that was exciting even though i pretended like I wasn’t excited haha then we had an investigator cancel an appointment, but Heavenly Father loves us and one of the referrals we received from the elders finally called us and asked if we could meet that night #blessings. her name is Sanda and she has a member friend. she is solid! i am excited to see where that goes. also, her apartment is perfect. it is the nicest I have been in. oh my goodness it reminds me of like gossip girl or something haha so Friday was good!

saturday: we taught our new investigator David that we found last week. we taught him the Restoration at the temple and committed him to baptism! it was a super good lesson and he is just way open to learn. it’s great. he also read way more than we asked him to in the book of mormon so that’s a good sign. then later on that day, he went with us to the YSA sisters investigators baptism which was sweet for him to see especially since we committed him to baptism that day. then we had the ward valentines party which was way fun! a bunch of people went and it was just a huge party but ill be honest it was a little awkward to be there while they played a bunch of love songs haha i was just a little out of it. the joys of being a missionary haha then we went and saw sweet sister rodeen the one in our ward with kidney disease. she just amazes me every time I’m there. i love her SO much.

sunday: meetings then church then studies and then we had a mission president devotional which is where missionaries share their talents and recent converts bear their testimony and investigators go to listen. it was really good! it was all about Christlike love and feeling heavenly fathers love. all of the missionaries sang, I Feel my Saviors Love. it was so pretty and the spirit was so strong. here is just a few of the lyrics and it really does show why it is so special to missionaries:

I’ll share my Savior’s love, by serving others freely. In serving I am blessed. In giving I receive. He knows I will follow him. Give all my life to Him. I feel my Saviors love. The love He freely gives me.

after we sang that, i was thinking does Christ really know i will follow Him? do i show that in my actions. its kinda like a little test to see if we are doing what He wants us to be doing. will we truly give all of our love to the savior. that really is such an amazing thing to do, but it is harder to do that is for sure. one thing that I love is what Sistee Rodeens dad said. he is not a member of our faith and he is 80 years old. he said to me, “one thing I love about your church is that you actually do. you don’t just say you believe but you follow what you believe”. what an amazing thing to hear. he is right. we are not just believers, but we are also followers trying our best to be more like Christ.

“Lose your old self to find your new and true self…the new you”

it does take time to find our true self, but it is so important to do that! in doing that we come closer to Christ. i am thankful to have a loving father in heaven who loves us perfectly and knows each of our imperfections so He sent His beloved son to the earth. we are here on this earth not only to be believers of Him, but to be His followers.

“and he saith unto them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men, and they straightway left their nets, and followed Him” matthew 4:19-20

Christ has asked us to follow Him. will we straightway leave our nets, follow Christ, and let Him make us the person He knows we can become?

i love this work and i love you all! choose the right.
Sister Clark



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