A Week of Miracles

hello everyone!

firsttttt i just love san diego and i want to live here forever. it’s perfect. it has been a very good week here. lots of work, but good work and our investigators are doing SO well.

we taught all of our progressing investigators last week so that was good. sometimes we don’t get to because everyone here is so busy all the time, but they found some time last week to learn about christ. good stuff. so we are teaching this man named ralph. he is like 80 something years old and is just the sweetest person ever. he just feels like a grandpa to me haha but our lesson with him went well. ill be honest, it takes a solid 30-45 minutes of talking with him before we actually start the lesson and the member that we bring talks a lot too so it is very entertaining. anyways, then we taught andy!!!! i know we aren’t supposed to have favorites but andy is my favorite. he’s just so good. his girlfriend is the one that is a member and she is the best too! soooo, we taught them about eternal families at the temple. we read the family proclamation with them and it was just so sweet. they are living together, so we committed them to get married so that andy can get baptized. this is me being selfish, but i really hope all of this happens before i go back to temple square… then ill witness a marriage and a baptism…bam andy said that his desire to be baptized is getting stronger. yesssssss. let’s see then we taught david on saturday. we were planning to teach him the plan of salvation but then while talking with him, we felt prompted to read 3 Nephi 11 with him all about christ coming to the americas. the book of mormon has power that’s for sure. we also had 2 really awesome members there for member presents and they shared really amazing testimonies. then he came to church sunday for the first time!!! let me tell you, as a missionary, when your investigators first experience at church is testimony meeting it can be a bit scary haha but in ward council, we encouraged everyone to bear their testimony on the book of mormon and how they received their answer that they knew it was true. soooo yes testimony meeting was way good. at the end, david said, “i need to read more in that book”…then we committed him to be baptized in april!!! yayyyyyy.

the church is putting out the easter initiative this sunday! it is SO good so when it comes out watch it and share it and watch it some more. it is all about how people found new life when they followed christ. the website is followhim.mormon.org. #hallelujah

on thursday, we went to ramona for zone conference. oh my goodness it is so beautiful there. wowwww. we talked a lot about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. that is a really BIG focus in this mission. then we did lots of team building activities and at the end, we got to hike this really pretty mountain. it was perfect.

this last week we have been setting appointments and visiting families in the ward and sharing quick messages with them. it has been a really good experience getting to know the members better and helping them in their missionary efforts. it is so important for us to gain their trust. the members here are amazing. we had family home evening last night with a really fun family in the ward. families seriously are the best. i am learning so much about how i want to raise my family since i have been here.

i have been reading in the new testament and i just read the story about peter walking on water. it really stuck out to me how much faith peter had, but it also stuck out that if we take our eyes off of christ for one second, we doubt. but i love how it says, peter cried saying, “lord, save me. and immediately jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him”. i know that each of us will lose sight of the savior, but what comfort it brings us to know that christ will immediately stretch forth his hand to save us. he is there at all times waiting on us to cry out for him.

i love my savior. i love the enabling power that comes from the atonement that is infinite and eternal and that we can draw so near to christ as we apply it more fully in our lives. we are here to learn and grow and change. i love this gospel and i love being a missionary. i am so happy to be a part of this work. the gospel of jesus christ really is what brings us everlasting peace and joy. we must patiently, faithfully, and consistently follow the path that He created throughout our lives.

i love you all! choose the right.
sister clark

Colombian food

Colombian food from a member in the ward on Sunday. #perfectwaytobreakthefast


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