The Week of Double Dinners

since my comp is going home next week on tuesday, we are getting fed this week like crazy. pretty much every night, we are getting fed twice, one right after the other…i don’t know how i am gonna do it. and we are also getting fed lunch most days. i can’t believe it is already another week. this week has been the best week yet with our numbers in our area so that was good. after p-day on tuesday we taught 2 member present lessons then after that we added a new investigator! her name is hali and her mom is a member. she is 14 and is just so much fun. we have been going over to their home and teaching her mom because she is less active, and then hali started coming out and listening and decided to learn more! yay.

so david is great. we taught him on tuesday and we had 2 members come teach that with us and one was bishop. the lesson went so well! our bishop seriously is amazing. he joined the church when he was 30 and now he is in his 50s. so it’s nice because so many of our investigators can relate with him. so we taught david the gospel of jesus christ.. i wish you all could have been there it was just so good. i just love how simple the gospel really is. the spirit was so strong and he feels really good about the book of mormon and baptism so that’s exciting. now he is gone for 6 weeks for work so we are trying to get him to meet with missionaries there.

then we taught kathy who is the member in our wards wife. she is one of the sweetest people ever but it also really sassy, so we get along great 🙂 I just felt prompted to be super bold with her and ask her what it was that was holding her back in the gospel. i really wanted to get to the bottom of it so i knew how we could best help her to progress. we found out her concerns and her husband just bore this super powerful testimony and asked some really inspired questions. members are the best missionaries. i felt the spirit so strongly to her as i testified to her about joseph smith and the book of mormon. it really is amazing as a missionary to see that as you share simple testimony of the restoration, how quickly the spirit comes into the conversation.

we visited our usual less actives this week which is always good. most of them just brighten my day and i love that i get to be a part of their lives. we taught our other investigators as well which was good of course!

my companion and i had to teach gospel principles and relief society on sunday so we were stressing just a little bit. our gospel principles class is full of investigators and so that is scary trying to teach all of them but it was on prayer so it was a perfect lesson for them. then we taught about joseph smith in relief society which was scary because kathy was there and that is her main concern, but the women in this ward are AMAZING and there was such a good discussion about how they found out that joseph smith was a prophet…but i am very glad those lessons are over haha

easter is cominggggg!!! that means the new church video is out and there are 2 this year! go to it is such a perfect time of year to reflect on our relationship with our savior.

“therefore, i would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that christ, the lord god omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is god above all. amen”. mosiah 5:15

he saves. he comforts. he heals. he forgives. he hears. he lifts. he loves. he lives.
follow him and find new life.

i love my savior and i love that because of this work, i can come closer to him.

love y’all times a million. choose the right.
sister abs clark



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