An Almost Easter Miracle

happy almost easter everyone!

wellllll we had a miracle last week…andy and becca have decided they are getting married april 29th and andy is getting baptized april 30th!!!!!!! yessssss. we went over to their apartment wednesday morning and before we went in i said, “i will not leave this apartment until they have a date for a wedding and a baptism. so for our lesson, we shared the bible video of christ being baptized, then we went over the baptism interview questions! andy is seriously so solid in the gospel it is amazing. his testimony is amazing and both of them have made so many changes in their lives. it was so cool because they have such an eternal perspective. its not just a wedding and a baptism, but it is in a year from now they will be sealed in the temple. families are forever! they both were like, “you better be back in san diego for our sealing”…i wouldn’t miss it. sooo that is like the greatest miracle of all time!

hmmm so nothing else can really top that, let’s be honest…but this week has been good! we found some pretty cool new investigators. we are teaching the husband of a part member family so we will see where that goes. he has a lot of really good questions and all of them can be answered by the gospel which is the best. also our sweet 87 year old investigator, ralph, has been working on prayer. he is so sweet. we read the book of mormon stories with him, because it is hard for him to understand the book of mormon and we were reading 3 nephi 11 and he was all like, so you believe christ came to the americas?? we were like yes, he did. ralph was like of course he did…he didn’t forget about everyone else!! i was like exactly…haha so it is cool to see him gaining a better understanding of the gospel. he also really likes history, so he has enjoyed the history of the book of mormon.

let’s see what else… well sister seo is on her way to korea…we dropped her off at the airport this morning. my new companion is…. sister passe-carlus from france/idaho. she’s been serving at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, but is going out full proselyting for 2 transfers. so now we have 2 visitor center sisters out here in la jolla and i am leading out the area as the senior companion since i was here last transfer…everyone pray for me. i still get lost going everywhere besides the church and the temple haha…

i can’t believe i only have one transfer left in san diego…time flies. i am super exited for conference in a few weeks to hear from our prophets, apostles, and other leaders of the church. now is the time to start preparing questions of what you want answered as you listen to conference. i was really excited to be a full proselyting missionary for conference and not on temple square, but thinking about not being in the action of conference is a little sad! missionaries all say that conference is like the super bowl for missionaries…but they really don’t understand that till they serve on temple square…but it will be nice to actually listen to all the sessions! anyways, prepare your questions and your hearts to hear the words of the prophet,12 apostles, and other leaders of the church! how amazing is it to know that there is a modern day prophet that communicates with christ directly, and we are able to hear his words?!

“he that ascended up on high, as also he descended below all things, in that he comprehended all things, that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth”. d&c 88:6

easter is coming!! what a perfect time of year to reflect on our relationship with the savior. he descended below all things, meaning that he understands EVERY single trial we will ever go through. we can find peace, happiness, comfort, joy, love and so much more in and through him. what are ways that each of us can strengthen our relationship with him forever? he is risen!

i love you all! happy birthday dad!
sister abby clark


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