Living off of 4 Hours of Sleep….

hi hi hi!

im still here. still a missionary. still loving life. still loving san diego. still so happy. yep, life is good. and it is even better because conference is this weekend. yesssss. and i only got 4 hours of sleep last night because the sisters in our apartment were on exchanges soooo one of my favorite sisters, sister carlson came here and we just talked all night long. i haven’t stayed up that late since college. oh, it was great but now im dead, but hey that’s how i always feel as a missionary haha

this week for studies i focused on the greatest week in history! i learned all about the certain events each day that led up to the resurrection of christ. i have always loved studying about what happened in the garden of gethsemane. it amazes me how much love our savior jesus christ has for each one of us. it was one of the most important and transcendent events in the history of the world. it was there, where he suffered for every single thing any of us will ever have to go through. that is what gives each one of us hope. though christ asked his father to remove the cup, he submitted completely to heavenly father and he knew what had to be done in order for the atonement to be complete, infinite, and eternal. we need to have a better understanding of the atonement. we will never be able to completely understand and internalize the atonement, but as we learn more of christ, as we come closer to him, we feel the powerful effect the atonement has on our lives. he will heal, cleanse, guide, protect, and strengthen us. he is our friend!

easter brought some miracles. we had only 1 lesson set on sunday and ended up teaching 3 member present lessons so that was sweet. we went and had an easter lesson with hali the 14 year old investigator and her mom the member. then, we had easter dinner and a lesson with becca and andy. they are seriously my favorite people here. becca is the sweetest person ever and she just amazes me. after women’s conference i was talking to her and i asked if she ever thought andy was going to join the church. she just started crying and said, “no, but i had been praying for missionaries to come for an entire year and they did”. heavenly father knows each one of us individually. he knows our needs! he has a plan and it is perfect. his timing is perfect. then we went and taught sister kathy whose husband is a member! we read from the book of mormon with her and invited her to write down questions that she wants answered for conference.

General Conference is this saturday and sunday!!! it is time to start preparing so that we can have ears to hear and eyes to see what heavenly father wants us to learn. start preparing questions now that you want answered through the words of the lords chosen servants. having modern day prophets is such a blessing. if you wanna know what he speaks about go to

“therefore continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, i am with you even unto the end”. doctrine and covenants 100:12 what an amazing promise it is to know that christ truly is with us to the end. we are never alone!

this is the sweetest work anyone could possibly do. our relief society president sent me a screenshot of a facebook post that becca made easter night…i just want you to have a little taste of the complete joy that comes from missionary work so you can understand why i love being a missionary!!

“today i was told by an amazing sister that she was called to san diego because she was supposed to meet me. because of me, her testimony has grown. i cried(cause im a super emotional person, and she will be the first one to agree). the crazy thing? i think she was called to come here FOR me. she has strengthened my testimony and helped me grow. they meet with us every week and i love her dearly! i have grown a lot, and my faith in christ has only gotten deeper. i know he suffered for me. i know he died for me. i know he lives! i will definitely miss her when she goes back to temple square in 5 weeks”.

the best thing about being a missionary, is that you grow right alongside these people who are changing their lives through the atonement. as they become more converted to the gospel of jesus christ i am more converted. i am humbled to be a part of such a great work and i know that it is the lords work.

i love y’all so very much. i am so blessed to have such amazing family and friends! thanks for all your support and love. it means a lot to know that some of you haven’t forgotten me 🙂

choose the right. prepare for conference. and serve someone this week!
sister abby clark
funny moment of the week:
we did service for grandma and grandpa. they are so sweet. grandpa has alzheimer’s, so while we do yard work he sings us songs and stuff like that. this week, we were pulling weeds, and he came by and slapped my companion on her butt. i died laughing. and you just gotta know grandpa to really think it’s funny haha

Yearly Easter Picture!

Yearly Easter Picture!

becca and andy got us easter i love them. the more you teach the word of wisdom to people, the more dr. pepper you get haha. they are my favorite people.

becca and andy got us easter i love them. the more you teach the word of wisdom to people, the more dr. pepper you get haha. they are my favorite people.

our room is freezing so we study in all of our winter clothes because we are too lazy to turn the heat on

our room is freezing so we study in all of our winter clothes because we are too lazy to turn the heat on


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