“Go Back To Utah”

hi everyone!

this week really did fly by. conference probably helped with that. i go back to temple square in a month. crazy! mannnn though, watching conference and seeing temple square…i can’t wait to go back. i feel like going back to temple square will be like going home in a sense. i love that place so much i can’t even explain it. temple square really is the best mission ever. it will have my heart forever. but until then, we are working hard here. this week was tough and i was kinda discouraged. our investigators are doing great, but we are having a hard time finding new people to teach. everyone in our area is ysa (young single adult) or chinese, soooo it is super hard to just find people when we are out walking around. hahaha but this week, some like 20 year beach bum said, “go back to utah”…hahah and you know me, i got kinda sassy with him (my sassy has changed a little though since i am a missionary) and then just laughed and walked away. soooo yes. that is a typical day of missionary work in la jolla.

buttttt conference was so great. oh my gosh. actually sitting and watching it was pretty great too. so many great talks. i don’t have a favorite because each of them answered my questions in some way. but, i did like what president monson said, “remember who you are and what god expects you to become”. heavenly father obviously expects us to become a lot. our potential is so great. it is good to kinda reevaluate what is keeping us back from progressing. each of us has something that is holding us back. but conference really was amazing. i left just wanting to be a much better person, and also kinda depressed that it was over. it is such a blessing to be able to listen to prophets, apostles, and so many other amazing leaders of christ’s church speak on his behalf. we are so blessed!

this last week we had been given a couple of referrals from members. we were able to go over and teach them the restoration. no other lesson is better than the restoration. every single time i teach it, i am just reminded of how true it really is, and how blessed i am to have that knowledge in my life. nothing beats sharing the first vision. every time i hear it or repeat it, i just have a very real sense that it happened and i could never deny it. i also love the book of mormon so much!!! oh my goodness, it is my favorite and i love studying it and learning and becoming more converted as i read it. it has answered so many of my questions as i have been on my mission.

i am SO thankful for this gospel. it is changing me every single day and i know that is only because i have a loving heavenly father and a savior who makes it possible for me to change.

i love y’all so so much. choose the right.
sista clark

email address –

address through the beginning of May –
7404 Armstrong Place
San Diego, CA 92111

pictures: (i took lots this week)


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