just trying to save souls #barely

hello it’s me again! (the subject is because our old man investigator ralph always says to us, “trying to save my soul”!! it’s so great haha)

well another week in good old la jolla ☀️☀️☀️. nothing much happened. ummm really my brain has begun to just forget things that happen during the week. the saddest thing sometimes is that i can’t remember some of my favorite songs!!! like sometimes i can’t even remember the tune of a justin bieber song…ill be honest it is kinda depressing sometimes. it will take a solid 10 minutes of thinking to even remember some of the words hahah okay anyways..there was my little rant. now onto missionary work… i do that too.

we had a lesson with andy and becca about following the prophet. we shared a video that i have now seen lots of times but this time it just stuck out even more to me that if we follow the prophet, we truly will never get lost. the prophet is on the earth to be the mouthpiece of god. the prophet communicates directly with christ. we will never be led astray. we will never go down paths that we do not know if we follow the prophet and his counsel. #blessings. let’s see we taught hali about the book of mormon and why it is important for her to read it to receive an answer to know if christ’s church has been restored. it was a good lesson and she is so willing to commit to things we ask her to do. we just need her to come to church! then we had a lesson with kathy on different patterns of how we each receive revelation. we shared a video called patterns of light which talks about the 3 patterns in which people receive revelation. one is like the flip of a light switch or very direct. another is like the rising of the sun which can be pretty clear. the last one is like a foggy day where we can only see a few steps ahead of us. that pattern is most common. it is so important for each of us to understand the way that god communicates most commonly with us so that we can act on the revelation we receive!

we taught david a few times last week and had some really good lessons with him. his baptismal date is this saturday…we are a little nervous because he is not quite sure if he is ready yet. i know he is ready! but he needs that own witness himself. we are gonna work really hard with him this week so that he can be ready for baptism! this is possibly a selfish desire but one thing i really wanted when i went outbound was to be able to find someone and teach them all the way through to baptism…i met david my 2nd week here street contacting and now i only have 2 weeks left… soooo everyone pray for a miracle! if it doesn’t end up being this saturday we will work for next saturday the 30th, but ultimately it is God’s timing and He knows what david needs so we are really going to have to be extra aware of the spirit this week as we teach him.

we just got back from the san diego zoo!! it was so great. a sweet member gave both my companion and me guest passes. it was so much fun! we also went with a member taylor who had a pass. she is one of my favorite people. its funny because we are like best friends here so it’s pretty nice. she’s 22 and married so we hangout with her sometimes haha! but it was so much fun. taylor and i always talk about me coming back here when im not a missionary so we can hangout for real. #makinglifelongfriends

i’m learning so many new things every single day and i am so thankful for the experiences so far i have had on my mission. it has changed my life and i am becoming more and more converted as i truly apply the atonement of jesus christ every day. i can’t imagine what my life would be like if i did not choose to serve a mission. i have had experiences that are only made possible by serving a mission. sooo if you’re thinking about serving a mission…do it!

“true conversion is a process that takes place over a period of time and involves a willingness to exercise faith”.

i love love love being a missionary.
lots of love to you all! choose the right.
sister abby clark


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