Come Unto Christ

hello everyone!

this week was good! wednesday, we ended up having 3 member present lessons which was a miracle to have that many in one day for us. we added a new investigator pankajini from india, and are planning to go over this week to teach her and her husband. david is back!!! he isn’t baptized…but he is back haha so that’s good. we had a really good lesson with david, and we brought an amazing member with us! we taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong. david is so sincere and i know he really wants to find this out for himself. i asked him what it would mean if he knew this message was true, and he said it would mean everything. that is SO true. this message does mean everything. it means that christs church is on the earth. the same church that was here 2000 years ago. it means the same priesthood authority of god is on the earth. it means we have a prophet that communicates directly with christ. it really does mean everything and i am glad that he sees that.

we did a lot of service this week which is always good. we were pulling weeds at grandma and grandpas and i turned to sister passe-carlus and said, “i never knew i would find so much joy in pulling out a weed and getting the root”… hahha how the ways of finding joy have changed on my mission. i will miss being able to do service when i am back on temple square.

sunday night we had dinner at the mcintyres. brother mcintyre is a member and sister mcintyre is his wife who we are teaching. anyways, they fed us delicious food. well sister passe-carlus had fish, buttttt they made me steak and that was the first time in 6 weeks that i had meat because my comp can’t eat anything so no one makes it haha sooo it was heavenly. so he cooked rum into our food and later on sister passe carlus was smelling the bottle of rum and she said, “mmm this rum tastes so good” and i was over at the sink washing dishes so i turned around and was like SISTER! hahah she was like i meant it smelled good…we were all just cracking up in the kitchen haha it was great. but after dinner we had a really good lesson with kathy, where we watched the talk, “what is the blueprint of christs church”. she really liked it and i think it hit some big points for her that she was struggling with. one day she will be baptized.

i really can’t believe this is my last week here. i know it will be a sad week saying bye to all of these people i have met and come to love. they really have changed my life and i am grateful for this experience i had to serve here in san diego for 3 months.

i am reading in the book of mormon and i just finished 3rd nephi. i love this one verse i read last week:
“yea, verily i say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will i receive; and blessed are those who come unto me”. 3 nephi 9:14

as i was reading this, i was thinking about what it really means to come unto christ. he says it hundreds of times throughout the bible and the book of mormon, so what does it really mean. elder holland explained it like this. christ is saying to us,

“come follow me. wherever you are going, first come and see what i do, see where and how i spend my time. learn of me, walk with me, talk with me. believe. listen to me. pray. in turn you will find answers to your prayers. god will bring rest to your soul. come follow me”.

if we do this, we will find peace. we will find joy. we will find comfort. we are each in this life, on this pathway that leads us back to heavenly father, and what better person to emulate, than our perfect example who has shown us the way. if we learn of him, if we follow him, we will be living the best life we can possibly live and find eternal happiness.

i know christ lives. he loves us. he knows us. we have a father in heaven who wants us to return so he sent his perfect son to the earth for us. we each have an eternal destiny ahead and we are literal sons and daughters of god. we can never forget the potential we have!

i love you all so much!
sister abby clark



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