marriage counsel, double lunch and dinners, and goodbyes all around

hello again everyone!

well today is my last day in california. i cannot believe how quickly these 3 months flew by. i am so thankful for the opportunity i had to serve in the uc2nd ward and get to know such amazing people that have changed my life. it has been a week full of marriage counsel, lots of lunch and dinner, and lots of goodbyes. i came into a ward that didn’t have trust in the missionaries, and i am leaving this ward, with members who now love and trust the missionaries. i am so grateful to see that change here. they even love me enough to give me marriage counsel before i leave!!! how sweet hahaha i keep saying to them, it’s okay, i still have 6 months left. no need to give me marriage counsel…but the lunches and dinners are great. the goodbyes, not so much.

this week was good! we had some really amazing last lessons with investigators and less active members. well i mean it’s not their last lesson, but it was my last lesson with them. i love these people so much. i have grownright alongside with each of them which has been a huge blessing. we had our last lesson with andy and becca. we had fhe with them and watched the restoration video. i am so excited to see what the future holds for them. they really are so amazing.

“i glory in plainness; i glory in truth; i glory in my jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell”. – 2 nephi 33:6

the power of christs redemption is endless. if we come unto him, if we follow him, if we love him and glory in him, we will be redeemed. he has shown us the way, and by walking that path that he has shown, we will find peace, joy, comfort, and happiness, that is not just temporary but eternal.

as i bore my testimony on sunday, and looked out on this crowd of people i knew and loved, i had an overwhelming feeling of peace and assurance that this is where i was meant to be for outbound and that i worked as hard as i possibly could. i am grateful for the moments i had here, especially the moments where i struggled, because they were also followed by a greater perspective of life, and a much greater love for my savior. this is his work and i am continually humbled by the fact that i get to play a tiny piece in this amazing work and feel just a tiny part of the love that heavenly father and jesus christ have for each and every one of us. i know that heavenly father knows each one of us individually and loves us perfectly, and i have felt that so strongly outbound. i will treasure these moments forever!

buttttt temple square, i am coming home! here’s to a summer of thousands of people every day and getting to share the gospel with over 50 people at a time. time to work even harder this last part of my mission…now let’s just hope i remember how to give a tour…

love you all so much!
sister abby clark


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