Are you tired of me??

well i have p-day again today so i figured i would just let everyone know. but i am here!!! ohhh it has been such a good day. coming back to temple square seriously feels a bit like going home. i am so happy here!

i loved my outbound mission and i am so grateful for the experiences that i had there. i know that they made me a much better missionary and now i am ready to apply those things that i learned to my last 6 months here. the people that i met and the experiences that i had with each of them has led me to grow and become a better disciple of jesus christ. i truly will treasure those 3 months for the rest of my life. it was the perfect time and place for me and i know that i did the best that i could to share the gospel and my testimony with anyone that would listen.

coming into salt lake was just the best feeling. i might have had happy tears in my eyes as i looked over and saw temple square. this place is a sacred place, but it also is a healing ground for me and so many other people. i am just so happy to be back i can’t say it enough. i was welcomed by lots and lots of sisters with lots and lots of hugs.

my companion is sister brito from brazil! shes so great. we are serving in beehive house this transfer. #yesilovebrighamyoung. i seriously don’t remember anything about temple square its kinda funny…apparently beehive house has been crazy busy, but also the square. i seriously just wanted to run up to everyone when i got on the square and tell them about the gospel because there are SO many people here and it is only may. ohhh summer on temple square is the greatest time to be a missionary. now i can learn some portuguese…cool.

well i am so excited to skype home for mothers day on sunday! moms are the best. shoutout to angel for having to deal with me as a teenager but still loving me. i love you!

“yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, god would deliver them. and they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: we do not doubt our mothers knew it”. alma 56:47-48

i love you all. i love this gospel and i know that it really can bring a happiness into our lives that we did not know was possible as we live the teachings of our savior jesus christ and also by sharing the gospel. i love being a missionary. i am so happy and i love this work!

lots and lots of love from the happiest person in the world ❤
sister abby clark


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