restoration repeat


this week has been so good. i feel like san diego was just a dream. i feel like i never even went there haha its the weirdest thing ever. i’m adjusting to being back though. my 1st day back we had a motorcoach with 40 people. that was a little bit intimidating haha…i really did forget a lot of the cool facts from temple square, but i am learning them again. i feel like i kinda need to be trained again. especially with beehive house! so many facts there, and i don’t want to be preaching false doctrine haha.

so when i left temple square to go to san diego, we got a new mission president. his name is president risenmay. he’s way good! but since i was gone, they have turned the focus of every tour and contact to the restoration. at first, i was kinda hesitant, because i don’t like being told what i have to do haha, but i seriously have seen SO many miracles from teaching the restoration in every single thing we do. my zone here has already had 14 baptisms and it’s only may 11. so cool! apparently when president risenmany got set apart by elder ballard, he said to him, “focus on the restoration, nothing else”. and its working. miracles all day!

more miracles since being back:

i have been trying to go through all of my people in teaching center, and 2 people that i met on temple square before i left, got baptized while i was outbound after i referred them to the local missionaries. so cool! the church is true.

we took a couple from poland on a tour last week! they were seriously so prepared. well temple square is perfectly set up to teach the restoration too which helps haha but seriously they were so amazing! it was one of the best tours i have ever given on temple square and it is because we taught the restoration. at the end, both of them wanted to meet with missionaries when they got back to poland, and we invited them to be baptized and they said yes! we are excited to see what happens with them!

then we took this family on a tour yesterday of temple square. it was a grandma with her daughter and granddaughter and they were from texas but were moving to sacramento. they wanted to meet with missionaries as well! nothing is more powerful than sharing the first vision. nothing brings the spirit more than that! i love the gospel.

each week, our zone has a different goal. last week we tried to see how often we taught the restoration as a zone. this week we are keeping track of how many restoration pamphlets we passed out. almost everywhere i walk on temple square or in the beehive house, the guests always have a restoration pamphlet and usually a book of mormon. being a missionary here is the best!

i love the gospel. i am so thankful for my mission and the faith i have developed and i appreciate this work more and more everyday!

love you all!
sista clark


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