Family, Friends, and Apostles

hello everyone!

this week was so good. okay, i say that every week, i know but this week, we saw lots of miracles and have been working so hard on the square and finding lots of new people that want to meet with missionaries. let’s see, i’ll just talk about some highlights of the week.

first, i saw my family! that’s always great. nana and grandaddy then aunts uncles cousins and hannah. we had a yummy dinner then church and music and the spoken word then a tour. it is so great to have family here to get to see a little piece of my home away from home. and of course, it is always crazy with a lot of us together. my companion was probably concerned about our family haha just kidding! but really we could laugh together all day. i love it. families seriously are the greatest! i love my family. i’m so happy they are mine forever!

then yesterday, we had our mission tour. elder ringwood of the 70 came and his wife as well. sister ringwood’s dad is president nelson of the 12 apostles. anyways, president nelson heard they were coming to temple square for a mission tour on monday, and was like “oh i am coming. i love my temple square sisters”! sooo when he came in the theater, we all stood up and he just ran in so happy. it was so great! we had a question and answer with him and then he talked to us about how special our mission was. every time he comes and speaks to us, he talks about how they assign sisters to temple square and when he explains it he cries. it amazes me every time! he talked about how we are the face of the church and that we are often everyone’s first contact with the church. he shared stories of people that he knew and how their conversion happened on temple square. he talked about how it is hard, because we don’t usually see the success of the effort that we put in here, but he promised us that when we are on the other side, all of the work that we did will be opened before us. i loved that!

“and i soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my redeemer; for i know that in him i shall rest. and i rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall i see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my father”. enos 1:27

i read this scripture last week and just loved it.i hope that each of us when we return and stand before heavenly father and jesus christ, will see his face with pleasure and find rest in him. i know that christ is the only way this is possible. each day, we can find more ways to follow him!

i love you all! choose the right.
sister clark

funny moments:
so we sometimes go eat at the church office building which is where the apostles and prophet eat, so some of the sisters went the other day, and they were walking in the underground tunnels, and president monson came through and gave them chocolate!!!! what? so jealous.



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