Summertime Happiness

hello again everyone

im all full off of braza grill…they feed us for free and i am stuffed from brazilian food…but i can speak a little portuguese…

“eu sou sister clark nao falo portuguese”

another week has come and gone and it has been a good one… i think it is really officially summer here. SO many tours all day long. monday, sister brito and i had 17 tours… i was dead. but we have seen lots of miracles this week so that has been fun. being a missionary on temple square is the best thing ever.

this week, i studied a talk called, “the 4th missionary”. i have read this so many times, but this week i just really enjoyed learning from it. it teaches how to become the “4th missionary” or the missionary that changes the most, is successful, happy, and blessed for their missionary efforts. it basically all goes down to see if we are willing to give our will to the lord? are we willing to leave everything behind, to leave our nets, and follow the savior with full purpose of heart? at the end of the day, being the 4th missionary is the easiest and best choice to make. the only reason it is hard to submit our complete will to the lord is because that really is the only thing we have to give that is ours to give. little by little through the course of my mission, i have given up more and more things that were weighing me down…and i will still continue to do that. that is the only way that i will truly be changed from this 18 months, and submitting my will to the lord isn’t only important for my mission, but it is a life long pursuit and something that i will continue to strive towards for the rest of my life. conversion really is a lifelong process, and i am happy about that!

lets see, i will just share one miracle so that i don’t bore you all with a long email:
so we had 2 beehive shifts yesterday from 9-12 then 3-6, and in between that we had an appointment, lunch, and a little time to be on the square. so sister brito and i are walking in the south visitor center, and i see this couple sitting on the bench inside. so sister brito goes and talks to someone else, and i go and sit and start talking to this couple. they were from arizona and were just so sweet. their names are al and jamie. so al is lutheran and jamie is catholic but neither of them are really practicing. so anyways, i teach the restoration and at the end, both of them were so excited to get a copy of the book of mormon! they want to meet with missionaries, but they are in the process of moving to michigan for the summer, so once they get there, we are sending the missionaries to their house. we are calling them friday to see how the book of mormon reading is going. when i walked away, jamie said, “i’ll be waiting for your call on friday”. it was just so cool to see how quickly someone can feel the spirit and know when something is true! i know that this is all possible because we have a loving heavenly father.

“there is a god. he is our father. he really knows us. he knows the future. i don’t know how he knows it in such detail, but he knows the future. he knows every challenge ahead of you. he knows every opportunity ahead of you. he knows your power and wants to life you to every opportunity and to be able to go through every trial that may be ahead of you, and to go through smiling”.-president henry b eyring

i am so thankful for the knowledge that i have in knowing that heavenly father really does know me, but he also knows every single person i talk to. he knows their trials and if i rely on him, he will tell me what each individual person needs to hear.

i love this work and i love being a missionary. i am learning and growing every day as i come closer to my heavenly father and savior jesus christ.
thanks for all your love, emails, letters, support!

love you all forever. choose the right. read the book of mormon.
sister abs clark

star sightings:
today in the tunnels i saw sister oscarson and sister burton haha

FullSizeRender (7)-1


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