milagres, milagros, miracles

what…i can’t believe that this week is over. i thought last week was fast, but this week was even faster. also, i am like the outbound sender companion. sister brito is going outbound to san jose california next wednesday! i have sent 4 of my companions outbound…everyone wants to be my comp now 😉

this last week has been really cool! we took 85 tours. crazy.busy.summer.its the best. anyways, so by the time saturday comes around sister brito and i had only found 1 new investigator from the square. we were both like, alright today we have to find a lot of new people that want to learn. so we had flagpole tour at 10am…flagpole is the tour that happens every hour on the hour, and 28 people came to ours that morning. i was like yesssss. so anyways, the tour was super good, and at the end of it, we gave out so many copies of the book of mormon, and found 6 new investigators from the tour. then we had assembly hall for an hour, and we contacted a family from idaho. the girlfriend was a member, and the boyfriend wasn’t and he had his 2 girls here. the boyfriend wanted to meet with missionaries and for his children to learn as well! so we got 3 more new investigators that day, and sent them to the local missionaries! it was so cool. the night before i had prayed that i would be able to see miracles, even if they were small. and then i saw so many big miracles! it was the best.

god is so aware of each of us. he loves each one of us because we are his children. that’s so cool to think about! sometimes, at night, ill just really think about everything that i know and the things that i share with others, and it just makes me so happy. being a missionary, you just feel the love that heavenly father has for each one of us. he loves us so much that he sent jesus christ to the earth, who suffered for all that we will ever go through! he will never forget us, or leave us alone.

“behold, i have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me”. -1 nephi 21:16

i restarted the book of mormon this week, and was just thinking about the difference between laman and lemuel and nephi. laman and lemuel just complain and murmur about everything, and no matter what, nephi just trusts in god. though they each experienced the same trials, laman and lemuel complained, while nephi took it as a lesson and he learned from it. i talk about this all the time, but really, heavenly father gives us challenges and stretches us so that we GROW. that is one thing i have really learned on my mission. these experiences are polishing us for everlasting benefit. sooo instead of complaining when life gets hard, we should be happy that because of that experience, we grow and learn and come closer to our savior and our heavenly father! sooo now, everyone should pray for growing experiences. dare you. stretch. get out of your comfort level. its the best!

next week is transfers. i can’t believe that. this was the fastest transfer of my mission. well actually, every transfer just gets faster and faster. here’s to more experiences to learn and grow. every transfer i look back and think of something that i learned that will help me for the future. this transfer i think i really learned compassion. sister brito and i had such a good transfer together and saw so many miracles. i possibly wont have p-day next week, because i have a wednesday p-day this transfer that means i most likely will skip one next week, unless i have a thursday or friday p-day. i dont know if that made any sense to you…

but anyways, just in case, ill say happy fathers day to my favorite man on the earth, greg!!! you’re the best and your emails never fail to make me laugh, as well as all the other sisters here!!! i love you!!! i hope one day i can find someone like you, that will cook every meal for me, like you do for our family 😉 i know im your favorite. really though, “men have the same opportunity to become fathers and experience some of the same joys that our heavenly father feels for us. fatherhood is a divine responsibility to be cherished”.
shoutout to all the dads, but mine is the best.

i love you all! choose the right.
sister clark


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