Desk of Miracles

it’s me again. i feel like i just emailed yesterday, but still so much has happened. it’s been a really good week here. i don’t even know where to start. this might be a longer email, but it’s worth it to read!

lets see, i feel like haven’t really talked about any of the people we are teaching, so i will talk about a few of them!

aly: i met aly about 2 months ago. she is 25. from ohio. so sweet! has 2 kids. getting baptized saturday! we read the book of mormon with her 3 times a week. i love her

jeff: wow jeff. he’s the coolest. he is 37 years old. grew up in salt lake city. still lives here. he was a member referral. so prepared for the gospel, it’s crazy. his boss is the one that referred him. we have been teaching him since then, and he is planning on meeting with his missionaries this week! he has gone to church the past 4 weeks. even when he is out of town, he still goes. he tells me all the time about how he knows the church is true. it’s crazy. he has a stronger testimony than some members. he wants to get baptized but sometimes feels like he doesn’t have enough faith. he is coming to the square tomorrow with his boss for us to take him on a tour. im excited. he’s so cool.

now onto miracle desk. so quick story.
i was standing at a desk in the south visitor center covering for other sisters on saturday. this guy comes in and asks if he can buy a book of mormon. i say, “it’s free!”. i asked if he wanted one and he said yes. his name is thomas. i teach him the restoration and why we have the book of mormon. this was on saturday. i invite him to go to church on sunday in the joseph smith building. he says yes. so we meet him for another sacrament meeting there at 11. he had already read what i gave him to read in the book of mormon. he is from dc and wanted to meet with missionaries there. so, i sent his info to the missionaries, and he is meeting with them tomorrow! it was so cool. we even set him on date for baptism, and he said he would tell the missionaries there.
sooo why is this miracle desk?! this is the same desk we were standing at almost a year ago, when the man(brother zheo) from china comes up asking my companion(sis. li) if he could be baptized. 14 hours later, he was baptized! the lord prepared his people, and he puts them in our path. that is so cool. this is the best work to be apart of to see how heavenly father is really in the tiniest details of our lives. i am so humbled to see that and to know that this is not my work, but the work of the lord.

hmm what else? i gave a training in district meeting on becoming consecrated missionaries. how we need to consecrate ourselves to the work, so that we can give our very best selves. that was a good one for me to learn as well.

i had interviews with president this week. he brought up the, “sister clark, you don’t have much time left on your mission”…that makes me so sad when people say that. hahaha anyways, he asked what my goals were for the remainder of my mission. i have come to love setting goals. they are great. my biggest goal is to really give everything i have to my last few months as a missionary. to give all of me to this work, because the more you give, the more miracles you see, and the happier you are!
it reminds me of this quote by cs lewis that i have come to love on my mission,
“give me all of you. i don’t want so much of your time, so much of your talents and money, and so much of your work. i want you! all of you! i have not come to tormet or frustrate the natural man or woman, but to kill it. no half measures will do. i don’t want to only prune a branch here and a branch there; rather i want the whole tree out. hand it over to me, the whole outfit, all of your desires, all of your wants and wishes and dreams. turn them all over to me, give yourself to me and iw ill make of you a new self—in my image. give me yourself and in exchange i will give you myself. my will, shall become your will. my heart, shall become your heart”.

that is something that we can all work on, and it is possible! if we just give a little more over to the lord every day, he can make us into something we never believed was possible. “tomorrow the lord will do wonders among you”. i know that is true, because i have seen it now in my life, more than i ever have!

well, now we are off to zone activity. making blanket forts and watching “the best two years”. yay for p-day.

love you all!
sister abby clark


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