ugh every single week just gets faster and faster. i don’t like it. it’s been a super good week though. so many miracles seen! ugh i love being a missionary. this is the best work ever. wow. it makes you so so happy.

jeff our investigator came to the square last friday with his boss. we didn’t have a whole lot of time because they just came on their lunch break. we were able to take him through “God’s Plan” for his family. it was so sweet. jeff absolutely loves his family, so the video “God’s Plan” was perfect for him! he is so humble and willing to change, it amazes me. after he texted us to ask if we could take the rest of his family on a tour the next day. so we took him, his wife, and there 2 children. his wife isn’t interested whatsoever, but you could just see it in his eyes how much he wants this for their family. after the tour, he came up to us and just said “please pray for my family”. i later on shared with him how he is going to have to be the one in the family that sets the example. he has to be the strong one first, and later on the rest will follow. a lot harder to do than say, i know, but he knows how badly he needs the gospel in his life, and he is willing to change for it. every day, he texts us a scripture that he read that he liked. its amazing!

aly got baptized saturday!! she is so cute. the elders made her bear her testimony right after she got baptized and she was so nervous. she’s great and is going to be such a strong member. it is the best to see how people change in just a few short months because of christ and his gospel. if we bring our weaknesses to him, he will turn them to strengths, as long as we are humble and willing to change. that’s the best. we never have to be stuck.

4th of july was alright. we just had a quick 45 minute lunch and had hot dogs and stuff like that. then later on that night the mission presidency bought us all ice cream. that was fun! oh yeah, next week! so next week is so good. we have zone conference and…apparently there will be a new meet the mormons coming out soon. don’t know exactly what, but it is people from the old cast, but they just are doing a follow up of their stories, so next wednesday we get to go view it with the cast! that will be fun.

i started over again in the book of mormon, but this time i am looking for things god commands, and the promises that come as we keep those commandments. i love seeing how many blessings heavenly father has waiting for us, if we just simply choose to obey! the commandments bring us happiness and protection. who doesn’t want that??

“the world changes constantly and dramatically, but god, his commandments, and promised blessings do not change. they are immutable and unchanging”- elder l. tom perry

i love being a missionary! the gospel is true and it brings peace and happiness into our lives that we didn’t know was possible! we just have to be willing to change. i think change was a theme of my email and i didn’t even mean for it to be haha. but we need to be humble enough to recognize our weaknesses, and turn to the lord for him to change us, to shape us, to refine us. that is why we are here on earth. as we obey his commandments we will be blessed, and ya know, the more blessings the better!

love you all! choose the right. read the book of mormon.
sister abigail clark


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