Mission Life

wow so much happened this week! i forgot how crazy summer is here. i forgot about how many people i see during the summer that i know. i just forgot everything about summer. but seriously this has been one of the best weeks of my mission.

we had zone conference yesterday…so spiritual. so much revelation. i loved it…and right now, i just remembered i left my notebook at home that i took all my super great notes in. ugh. don’t worry i will bring it next week and tell you all about it so you can just be blown away like i was. anyways, it was 8 hours long so i don’t even know what to write about, but we talked for a good bit about how we need to give our will completely to the lord. that is the most important principle we can learn on our mission, because it will change the rest of eternity if we can learn now to give our will to christ. he shared mosiah 15:7,
“yea, even so he shall be led, crucified, and slain, the flesh becoming subject even unto death, the will of the son being swallowed up in the will of the father”.
christ showed us the way to submit our will completely to the father. now we just have to follow his example and learn from it to always to the lords will. that is what will lead us back to him.

this morning, we got to watch the NEW “meet the mormons” ah! it was so good. we cried and laughed and learned. we were able to watch it with the cast, and then ask them questions after. it is really inspiring. i’m excited to show it here. the missionary department is so scary sometimes. probably because they are always on temple square hiding out and watching us, but they always stress to us how we are the face of the church, and this is a great way to get everyone that comes to this sacred ground to learn of the gospel and to see these inspirational stories. the premier of it is saturday here in the huge legacy theater. gonna be so crazy!

let’s see. thomas, the guy i met here at miracle desk is getting baptized august 6th! that’s super exciting. it is so cool to see the difference in him from when i met him just a few weeks ago. the church is true.

“if we humbly present ourselves before the lord and ask him to teach us, he will show us how to increase our access to his power”.
we can be taught from powers on high, as we come to the lord and just ask him to teach us. he wants to teach us! he wants us to learn, so just ask. it is so simple.

funny things:
*everyone and their mom is playing some pokemon game. it’s like they are mesmerized by their phones. so sad! reason number 68715231 i don’t want to go home haha… but i have made it a good use of my square time. i go back to everyone looking at their phones and give them the book of mormon download card. 😉
*sister solorzano and i were walking on the square the other afternoon, and this man was walking up to us that looked super familiar…im like oh crap who is that? he had sunglasses on. he walks by and shakes our hands and just says how are you sisters. then i realized it was elder rasband. #sacredground

“fear not what man can do, for god shall be with you forever and ever”
-doctrine and covenants 122:9

god can make us into so much more than we can ever make of ourselves! that is one thing that i have gained a strong testimony of on my mission. as we give our will to the lord, as we trust, and as we rely on him, god will make us into so much more. we have divine potential. we were not sent here to fail, but to succeed. i love my mission. i love the things that heavenly father is teaching me. no matter how big or small, they are of such great value and importance.

i love you all!
sister abby clark


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