Choose Happiness

hello again everyone!

what a week it has been. well nothing super crazy happened. just another normal week of being a missionary on temple square. so that means it was a good week!

so i brought my journal from zone conference last week so i can share some of the cool things we talked about. well we talked a lot about the book of mormon. president gave us some cool facts about the book of mormon. it has 4,000 references to christ #anothertestamentofjesuschrist. christ’s name is mentioned once every 2.8 verses. joseph smith translated the book of mormon at a rate of 9 pages a day. the church with the best technology can only translate about 1 page a day. though we talked about all of the miracles of the book of mormon, the greatest miracle of the book of mormon is the change that it brings to those who read it. it’s my favorite book.

another thing that we talked about was happiness. we choose happiness! god created us to be happy. we are here to be happy. circumstances do not create happiness. we live after the manner of happiness. we must seek after happiness. we talked about the recipe for happiness. happiness comes to those who live righteously, those who develop a personal relationship with heavenly father and jesus christ, it comes to those who have a grateful heart, and to those who are willing to do hard things. there of course are more things that make us happy, but to find eternal happiness, these are a few of the things we need! “behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness”. alma 27:18

i love thinking about the things that bring me happiness:
-the gospel of jesus christ
-the scriptures
-being a missionary
-temple square
-taking 88 tours last week
-moes that a member brought me #truehappiness haha

“you are known and remembered by the most majestic, powerful, glorious being in the universe. you are loved by the king of infinite space and everlasting time”. dieter f. uchtdorf

choose happiness. choose the right. i love you all!
sister clark




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