Day 414

hi again everyone!

it has been a really good week here on temple square. i serve in the best mission in the world. everyone says that about their mission…but it’s okay b/c it is true about mine. seriously though, temple square is such a special place. i realize that more and more everyday, and i love being a missionary more and more every day. it’s just the best. also, i went outbound 6 months ago. that is so crazy. time fliezzz.

let’s see. my investigators are doing so great right now. here is a couple of them.
thomas: the one who i met here in june is so good. he is getting baptized next weekend. we call and read the book of mormon with him usually twice a week. he loves going to church and the things he is learning. he is excited for a fresh start when he gets baptized. yay i can’t wait to skype the baptism.
bowe: bowe is a guy who referred himself to meet with missionaries and wanted a copy of the book of mormon. so i got his information online, and i called him. we had a really good conversation, and he is searching for the truth. he is from africa, but now lives in arizona. i shared the restoration with him, and he was so excited to meet with the missionaries and go to church. i called him back on monday, and he went to church and met with the missionaries and is so excited. he wants to get baptized. he said that he was talking to the elders and said to them, “i think god knew i needed abigail to call me. she was the one that made me truly interested in meeting with you and being baptized”. this work is so special, and i love that i can be a missionary all over the world. i know that heavenly father really does place the people in our lives at the time when we need them. people are often an answer from god to questions that we have or to the comfort that we need. it’s so cool to know that you were an answer to someones question or prayers. i have had so many of those experiences here on temple square and it just makes you so happy to be an instrument in the lords hands.

ahhh who remembers sarah from florida that got baptized last november? she is my favorite. i love her. well, she is coming to utah in a few weeks!! i am so excited. she came once while i was outbound but she is coming again for a friends wedding, and to look at places to live! she is moving here next year!!!!!!! yay. i am going to come hangout with her all the time. she’s so great. i love the friends i have made on my mission. eternal friendships that’s for sure.

panic attack: number 1, they started putting the christmas lights up…i go home when the lights turn on. gross. but also i love christmas here. well winter time in general is the best here. number 2, the halloween stuff is out in is it already getting to that time of the year?

this morning we took a really great flagpole tour. there was 1 member on it from australia. he was so cool. he was 26 and got baptized when he was 22, and served a mission. then we had a middle age couple from germany. usually the germans here are not interested in religion at all, but these were the complete opposite. they came to temple square just for the beliefs of the church. so cool. the tour was really great, and the member from australia was so helpful. at the end, the couple from germany wanted a book of mormon, and they wanted to stay in contact so we could call them and answer questions as they read it. when they get back to germany they want to meet with missionaries. the whole tour, they were both just like well that makes sense to everything we shared. it is cool to connect these people with the truths that they heard in the pre-existance. #thechurchistrue

this morning in personal study, i was reading in the bible in matthew about the signs of the second coming. i was thinking of ways that we can prepare for when christ comes again. then i read this scripture in 2 nephi 9 that says, “to be spiritually-minded is life eternal”. i think that is so cool because if we are spiritually minded, then we are prepared for christ to come. then i made a list of things that i need to do to be spiritually minded so that i can be greater prepared for when christ returns or when i return to him.

“counsel with the lord in all thy doing, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto god; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day”. alma 37:37

on my mission i have learned to love to pray. it’s so cool to just be able to talk to heavenly father. even when i wake up at 6am and my prayers are probably a mumble jumbled mess, and let’s be honest he probably just laughs at me. heavenly father has a great sense of humor. i have learned that on my mission. he and i will get along great.but really, it’s so important to counsel with the lord in all that we do and to let him direct us. put him first, and all us will fall into place!

i love you all! enjoy your last few weeks of summer. swim for me.
sistaaa clark


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