Week 60

another week come and gone. this week was interesting. missions are so interesting. it’s like one day it’s the best thing in the world to be on a mission, then the next day you are so tired and your body hurts, and you just want to go into hibernation. that was my week this week.

let’s see. we found some really great people this week! one from a welfare square tour which is a miracle!!

his name is franco. he is from malta which is a tiny island by italy. he is traveling for 2 years. he is “couch surfing” here in utah, which is some app and you can just find people to stay at their place for free. so he was staying with this member for 2 nights here, and the member was great! he shared so much about the church with him. this just shows that members have so much more of an influence over people than missionaries do! anyways, fanco came into welfare square monday, basically teaching us the restoration haha. but he was so inspired by the welfare program of the church. he loves what the church has done for those in need. he took a book of mormon, and wanted to stay in contact. it was really a miracle, because welfare square is a hard place to find new investigators.

then we were in the assembly hall the other night. this family walked in. they moved to utah from colorado. it was an uncle with his nieces and nephews. it was their first time on temple square. i was able to take them into the assembly hall and share with them about the history of temple square, as well as the beliefs of the church. they were all so interested and wanted to go to church. they didn’t have a lot of time here, but they are coming back, and we got their information, so when they come back we can take them through gods plan for his families. they were just so great! and he just texted us right now and said they are coming back this weekend, and want a full tour! yessss.

thomas gets baptized this saturday! that’s exciting! he is seriously so ready and excited. i can’t believe i just met him here a little less than 2 months ago and he is getting baptized. the lord truly prepares his children to learn of his gospel and accept it.

this week during studies i focused on the love that heavenly father has for us as his children. in one of the new “meet the mormons: the horseman”, we can compare it to our relationship with god. the horsemen does everything that he can, to help his horses to reach their full potential. at times, the horses are uncomfortable, they fear, they don’t trust, but once they realize that what the horsemen is doing is good for them, they place their complete trust in him. that is the same thing with our relationship to heavenly father. we go through experiences that cause us to fear, to stretch, to be uncomfortable, but god is doing this so that we reach our potential as his children. he takes us as we are, and makes us more than we ever imagined.

“be still and know that i am god”- doctrine and covenants 101:16

we must never forget that he is perfectly positioned to lift us. we have only to ask.

the church is true! i love y’all!
sister clark


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