Trust in Heaven’s Timing

hi everyone!

this week, i was able to witness so many amazing miracles, big and small, and i was able to reflect back on the miracles i have witnessed as a missionary. i mean i still have time as a missionary!! but let’s be honest, time is dwindling and time is going way too fast. i just love this work!! but anyways, while i have reflected back on my mission, i have been able to truly understand that the lords timing is perfect! so perfect. and his plan for each of us is perfect, because we are his children!!

let’s take a little walk down memory lane through sister clark’s mission: i will just talk about a few of the miracles i have witnessed and it all has to do with the lords timing and being willing to follow the plan he has.

sarah– oh sarah. i took a chat, and she started asking about joseph smith. i thought she was going to be anti… but she wasn’t. she was actually golden! she had met with missionaries before, but…it wasn’t the right time!! a year later, she knew it was true, and she wanted to meet with missionaries again. 3 weeks later, she was baptized. the lord has a perfect plan and path for everyone. we just have to be willing to follow it and to trust in him.

brother zheo– the tc desk miracle of meeting the man from china, and less than 24 hours later, he was baptized. that’s timing.

then in february, i leave to go outbound to the great california san diego mission. that was such a great 3 months, and i learned so many lessons there, that i have been able to apply to my missionary work here, but most importantly the people that i met and worked with there, they literally changed my mission, but also my life.

becca and andy: ohh you all know how much i love these 2! i know they are the reason i went outbound at the time i did and to the mission i did. i could have went any where else in the united states, at any other time of my mission, but i was assigned by an apostle to san diego. the lord was perfectly aware that i needed to meet becca and andy. just a few weeks after i left san diego to come back to temple square, becca and andy moved, and no longer would have been in my area. the lord knew! and now guess what? becca and andy are getting married next month, and andy is getting baptized next month. i just can’t tell everyone how much i love these 2 people. it’s crazy.

on june 26th, thomas comes to tc desk asking for a book of mormon. i give him a copy, share with him the restoration, invite him to meet with missionaries and be baptized. august 13, thomas gets baptized. i was able to skype his baptism saturday, and hearing his testimony, was the sweetest thing ever. as he testified of truths that he has learned, i just knew that i was at the desk that hour, to meet thomas.

then last, but not least, bowe. i called bowe the other day. he is doing so great. he loves church. loves what he is learning. he knows it’s all true. he said to me, “i just don’t know if i can stop drinking coffee”. i told him it was possible, and was just able to share certain experiences, and give him some encouragement. as i was on the phone, he says, “sister clark, listen to this”. i hear a noise. he says, “i just thew my coffee away”. this shows that he completely trusted in the lord, but he also trusted in what the missionaries in arizona and i have shared with him. he said to me, “every time i am in church, or i am meeting with the missionaries, i am brought back to the day that you called. i heard a voice in my head when the phone rang that first day that said, listen to her, what she says will change your life”. he goes on and explains how if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t have investigated the church, but because i called, he is now getting baptized on august 27th.

the lord is so perfectly aware of each of us. he has a plan. he puts people in our paths, to learn and to grow together. sometimes we have to patient, that is a heavenly virtue. but if we come to know our savior. if we follow the promptings of the spirit, we will be able to trust in him even greater, to trust in his timing, and be led to even greater blessings.

i am looking forward to witnessing so many more miracles these last 3 months of my mission. my mission means everything to me. i don’t think i will ever be able to put it into words the love that i have for the mission, and the things that i have been taught. this is the most important work i could ever do. it is eternal. it is true! without being a missionary, and coming on my mission at the time i did, i would have never met any of these amazing people who have changed my life.

“i glory in plainness; i glory in truth; i glory in my jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell”. – 2 nephi 33:6

i love you all!
sister abby clark


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