We’re All in This Together

high school musical songs have been going through my head all day today because we went to east high school to tour it for p-day today. so fun. walking where zac efron walked ๐Ÿ˜‰

i love being a missionary. i can never say that enough. the gospel is a gospel of happiness. and when we live it, we will find that happiness. i have been studying a lot from the teachings of president gordon b. hinckley. one of my favorite things he said was, “if we will cling to our values, if we will build on our inheritance, if we will walk in obedience before the lord, if we will simply live the gospel, we will be blessed in a magnificent and wonderful way. we will be looked upon as a peculiar people who have found the key to a peculiar happiness”.

who doesn’t want to be happy? finding happiness is so simple, and even amidst trials and challenges, we can still find happiness, if we just understand the purpose of this life and the potential that we have. if we have faith in jesus christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing.

our investigators are doing so great:

bowe is getting baptized this saturday, so we will skype that. he is seriously the definition of happiness and every single time i talk to him, i am so happy. you can just feel the light that has entered his life because of the gospel and the choices that he has made. ever since that day 2 weeks ago, he hasn’t even had the desire to drink coffee. i love him!

nelson is another great guy. he kind of had the same experience as bowe, but he couldn’t stop smoking cigarettes. we were on the phone with him the other day, and we talked to him about repentance. he knew the changes that he needed to make, and has since stopped smoking. he has a baptismal date for september 10th. when we choose the lords side, we are never alone. he has found so much peace and guidance as he has read in the book of mormon.

jeff is so great. man. i don’t even know how to explain jeff. he is the one that i met here about 3 months ago. him and his wife grew up in utah. his wife wasn’t interested at all in the church. he has made SO many changes in these last 3 months. he is so hard on himself. i always explain to him, that we get credit for just trying. we aren’t perfect! but because of christ, he never has to worry. i love that i am just able to be an instrument in the lords hands to encourage and give strength to those that are on the search for a better life. also, his wife invited the missionaries over for dinner this week. wow. miracles. i told him that if he didn’t get baptized in these next 3 months, that i will definitely come back for his baptism, and he was so happy.

this week, i was able to go on exchanges with sis. clark from florida. we came out on the mission together. we took a hospitality tour together of about 40 people. mostly from south carolina and florida which was pretty cool. we confused everyone since we were both sis. clark haha. anyways, the tour was so good! sis. clark is such a great missionary, and we taught so well together. at the end of the tour, we gave out 14 copies of the book of mormon. it was so cool! the spirit is so strong here, and to see peoples eyes be opened to more of the gospel is so amazing. you can literally watch their countenance change, and a light fill their eyes. seriously. being a missionary is the best. being a missionary on temple square is the most fulfilling work i have ever done. anyways, after the tour, we went to eat at the lion house. we just sat together, and reflected on our missions and what we have learned, and what we want to improve on, and what goals we set for the future. i love having conversations like that, b/c she actually understands me! anyways, some tears were shed. i have become kind of emotional recently…it is weird. you just can’t explain a mission, or being a part of this work. it’s the sweetest.

elder quentin l cook came to sacrament meeting last week. well he came to our 7:30am sacrament meeting just so he could partake of the sacrament and leave. that is the gospel in action. that is a disciple of jesus christ.

“call unto me, and i will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”. jeremiah 33:3

i love you all!
sister abigail clark

this week’s pics will make you want to sing high school musical songs ๐Ÿ˜‰


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