Baptisms, Recent Converts & Trunky Papers

hello again everyone!

i can’t believe transfers are next week. ah. i feel like i just became comps with sis. mones. we had so much fun together this transfer. i seriously love her. i have been blessed with so many great companions on my mission. i am happy!

i served my last day in welfare square yesterday. well hey, who knows, maybe i will serve there next transfer. 3 transfers in a row. i loved serving there. i was really able to gain a testimony of the welfare program of the church. it is so inspired of our savior jesus christ. one of my favorite scriptures to share there is alma 1:30, “and thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished; and they did not set their hearts upon riches; therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need”.

my favorite thing of serving there was truly seeing the gospel in action, but also serving with the service missionaries. they are seriously my favorite part of welfare square! does anyone remember the story from 2005 (i think it was national news), about this boy in utah that was missing? he was with his scouting group, 11 years old, and had a slight case of autism. he got lost from the group.  he was lost for 5 days, and 4 nights. his name is brennan hawkins. anyways, he serves at welfare square as a service missionary, and just has the coolest story. i loved being able to get to know him, and hear the experiences that he had, and how he and his family truly believe in a god of miracles. you should look up his story if you haven’t heard of it. it’s amazing.

what else happened this week…hmm i saw sarah my recent convert from florida! it was so cool. we went to lunch with her at lion house, then we took her to the church history museum, and then on a tour of temple square. during lunch, she was seriously teaching sister m and i the lessons. she taught us the plan of salvation haha. it was awesome. she is so excited to go to the temple in a few months. she is such a solid member of the church, with such a strong testimony. it’s amazing to see!

so bowe ended up not getting baptized last saturday just b/c of some family problems, but he should be getting baptized this weekend! he was pretty upset about it, but let’s hope and pray that satan doesn’t try hard to make him not get baptized. he is so awesome and so ready to be baptized.

jeff from salt lake has a baptismal date for september 24th!! that is seriously a miracle. i am so happy for him b/c he is so happy. his outlook on life has changed completely and he is so positive. it really is amazing to just see this light come into these peoples lives as they accept and live the gospel of jesus christ. he has made a complete 180. ah. he makes me so happy!! i can’t wait to go to the baptism.

then nelson is getting baptized september 10th! he hasn’t smoked a cigarette in 2 weeks now! god is so willing and ready to help any of us that come unto him. nelson is amazed by what has happened, and how he has been able to just put off the temptation to smoke. every time something like this happens with one of my investigators, my testimony of the truthfulness of the messages that we share increases. this really is a message of god, and he wants us to accept it b/c he knows that it will bring this peace and happiness into our lives that we are all seeking.

“i have discovered that the lords no’s are preludes to an even greater yes”. (great talk from Patricia Holland- check it out!

i love y’all! have a great week. choose the right.
sister clark


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