The Last 12 Weeks…

hi everyone!

transfers happened. i have tuesday p-day this transfer. i have a new comp. her name is sis. schalk from germany! she has been out for about 9 months. she was actually in my district my 1st transfer back from outbound. i am so excited to work with her. she is a great missionary…also, she is 6’3. so, if you are trying to find me at conference in a few weeks, it won’t be too hard 😉 our assignment this transfer is west gate, which is where i was trained. i’m happy to be back after almost 15 months haha. i will be a district leader this transfer. i have 2 other companionships in my district and both of the sisters are training, so we will have 2 babies in our district(new missionaries). i’m excited to work with these 5 sisters though and learn from them! this is going to be a good transfer! i also finally after 11 transfers got moved to the celestial apartment complex. i finally proved myself i guess haha

today, my comp from the mtc, sis. fesolai left to go outbound to san jose california…we took her to the trax this morning. i might have cried a little bit b/c it was our last day being missionaries together, since i will be leaving the day she gets back. i have only seen her cry one other time our whole mission… it’s okay though, i will be back in january to take her to lunch the week before she goes home. but i am happy too b/c sis. brito is coming back today from outbound.

the week was good though! we took lots of tours, and found some great people! bowe got baptized last saturday! jeff is planning to get baptized in a few weeks, and i will get to go! we had a really good zone training meeting on enduring to the end, but how to enjoy it. i feel like so many times when we think of the word endure, it has a negative connotation, but we should be happy that we get to be here in this life. one of the sisters in my zone is from taiwan, and she shared that endure in mandarin is a good thing! until my mission, i never realized how much happiness the gospel of jesus christ can bring into our lives. i remember all the time saying i was happy, but i didn’t know what true happiness was until i really applied the teachings into my life. i have seriously never been happier. of course, the mission is not easy, but the cool thing about it is that though the mission is not easy, i am still so happy and it is true happiness. i read a quote the other day during studies that said, “true happiness comes from making others happy”. as a missionary, all we do every single day is try to lift others, and to help them find purpose and guidance, and happiness in their life. in the process of doing so, we find that we are the happiest that we have ever been.

“be still and know that i am god”. – psalms 46:10

count the happies! there are so many reasons that we have to be happy! as we come to know that god is there, and that he knows us and that he has a plan for us, we will find that happiness that He wants us to find!

love you all!
sister clark


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