Happy Are The People

hello again everyone (or whoever else still reads these).

another week has come and gone. this week flew by. i was on exchanges every day last week with the sisters in my district. it was really great to be able to go and teach with them and take tours, and learn from them as missionaries. they are all such amazing missionaries and so powerful when they teach! i love it. i got lucky with a really great district that i am learning so much from.

we had a really great zone training meeting this week. guys, i love my companion so much. she is so funny and we teach so well together. i hope she kills me on the mission (sends me home). that would be the best. our topic to train on was confidence haha so we acted out the story of alma and amulek in prison from the book of mormon. we had a training that was titled, “oh how lovely was the morning”. we talked about how lovely the morning was when heavenly father and jesus christ appeared to joseph smith and he received revelation, but also how we can make our mornings lovely when we have effective studies in the scriptures and we can receive personal revelation.

jeff is preparing for his baptism next week. ah. one week from today. it’s going to be so great. when i ask him how he feels he just says he feels content. here i am all excited, and this 30 year old man is just like i’m content. haha it’s funny. but he is so ready. he is so amazing. it’s so cool because he is doing this all on his own. his wife supports him, his kids support him, but he is making this decision to be baptized because he knows it’s true. he texted me last week because he was so happy he finished reading the book of mormon. he just knows everything is true. it is crazy to see how much he has grown since i met him a few months ago. honestly, i didn’t think he was going to get baptized while i was still on my mission, but the lord prepares and provided and i get to go to it next week. so exciting.

we had a lot of really great tours and contacts this week, but i don’t want to write about it all because then this email will be boring. but it was a good week with many miracles as always.

this weekend is women’s conference. next weekend is general conference. crazy. yes. 24,000 people against 200 missionaries on temple square. the best. i love being a missionary here.

also, i got to skype andy’s baptism last week, so i got to see becca and andy and some of my other favorite people from san diego!! i miss that place!

i am also dying in missionary terms haha but sometimes i feel like in real life terms as well. you know that book that’s called “parts” i think…sometimes that is how i feel. my body is dying…but i received my flight information last week. i get home at 5:00pm on wednesday november 30th. bitter sweet for sure. but put it on your calendars 😉 you can all meet me at bojangles the next morning b/c that is where i will be hahaah

but seriously i love my mission so so so so much. this is the best thing that i have ever done. i am so happy here. i feel so lucky that i get to be here on temple square as a missionary. this place is the best. it will always have such a special place in my heart.

“happy is that people, whose god is the lord”-psalms 144:15

now off to play laser tag with my zone…don’t worry grandaddy, i will win 🙂

love you all!
sister clark



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