Superbowl Weekend…aka Conference on Temple Square

who’s excited for conference this weekend?! i can’t wait. a little sad that it’s my last conference as a missionary, but i have some good questions that i know will be answered as i am able to listen. well as i listen to it these next few weeks haha since i don’t get to watch all of the sessions live. that’s good though, it means my studies will be very good.

we were able to go to womens conference on saturday. ahhhh. it was so great. such an answer to many prayers. i love how they talked about how we need to have a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of christ. we must be converted, covenant keeping women. tears in my eyes as i heard this haha. on my mission i have learned what it means to be converted to the gospel. i have learned what it means to call upon the powers of heaven. i have learned my identity, and the potential that we each have. it definitely showed me things that i need to focus on before i go home, and how to continue to develop a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of christ.

this week has been such a good week. jeff is getting baptized tonight and he asked me to give a talk on the holy ghost. it’s so cool because i have been going back through our texts, and it is so amazing to see how much jeff has grown these last few months. i didn’t think this night would happen on my mission where he got baptized, but he has pushed through and received an amazing testimony of the gospel of jesus christ. he encourages me and inspires me to try a little harder and be a little better.

yesterday, we were walking to go to the visitor center to eat lunch, and i stopped to ask this cute family if they wanted me to take a picture of them. they said yes, we got talking and it was their first time here. they are originally from africa, but now live in washington. they were so cool. we took them on a tour, and the spirit was so strong. the wife was amazed by everything we shared, especially when we talked about how the prophet will be speaking this weekend. after the tour, we gave them a book of mormon, and they gave us their information. i am so excited to see what happens with them these next few weeks. the lord is preparing people. no doubt.

another cool thing… this morning we went to the temple, and sister deem, my outbound bishops wife from san diego was there to do a session too. it was so sweet. small world. especially since it was 7am haha.

since conference is coming up, it is such a perfect time to prepare for the message that the prophet and apostles will share with us. i love teaching people that we have a prophet today. i always ask the question…what would a prophet speak about in 2016? times are a little bit different then when noah was on the earth, or abraham, or moses, but we are being prepared for the second coming of our savior jesus christ. write down your questions, and watch what the prophet will speak about here!

(if you missed it, here are the summaries of all the talks.)

“my heart did begin to rejoice within me, knowing the mercies and the long-suffering of the lord”
mormon 2:12

here is a text that i received from jeff a while ago. if we all had the perspective of this we would be much happier.

“my perspective has changed so much. all of lifes trials are just temporary and all the lords glory will be for all eternity. it makes the hardships in life seem so little compared to the big picture”.

i love you all so much!
sister abby clark

ps: if you are coming to conference, come find me! remember, my companion is like 6’3. we aren’t hard to miss…


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