Greatest Week of My Mission

hi everyone!

i think this was the best week of my entire mission. oh my gosh. i just love being a missionary so much. it’s the best. i love temple square. i love the gospel. i love love love being a missionary. i was able to think back a lot this week on my mission. i am so grateful for every single moment that i have had on my mission. the good, the bad, the hard, the sad…everything made my mission so worth it! i feel like now that i am coming to the end of my mission, heavenly father is just giving me miracles. it’s so cool.

so much happened this week, so i will try to make this email not super long…but it might be. but it’s worth it. i promise!

so first, last week, jeff got baptized. that was the most spiritual baptism i have ever been to. he got up and shared his testimony, and used this great analogy. and man. i just love him. then his mom who isn’t a member got up and shared her testimony on the gospel. what. the room was full of people. at least 50 people were there to support him. we got there right when it was about to start, and he walked into the room, with his white jumpsuit on, and then his arms were just tatted up. i knew that haha but it was just so amazing to see it. i cried. i just love seeing that god is a god of 2nd chances, and 3rd chances. he is a god of unlimited chances. as jeff shared his testimony, he said, “sister clark did her job as a missionary”. that was just so cool. who would have known that this guy that i met here a few months ago, would be the guy that i know now. the gospel is a gospel of hope, joy, forgiveness, mercy, love, and happiness. jeff found what he was looking for his whole life.

let’s see, then on thursday, i was in the visitor center, and these 3 guys come up and ask me to play a movie for them. i’m like sure. that takes like 1 minute. i end up going to the room to play it, and we talked for 45 minutes. there were 2 members and 1 who wasn’t a member. one man was the boss of these 2 younger guys(in their 20’s). andrew, joined the church a few years ago, b/c of his boss. pj, who is 24, is now interested in the church. he ended up getting tickets to 4 sessions of conference. i was able to get his information, and we have been texting about conference, and what he thought. he wants to get baptized. ah. it was just so cool to been in this room, and to hear these powerful testimonies of these 2 members, as well as pj. pj has been meeting with missionaries, since june, and when he first met with them, he didn’t believe in god. now he does. it is so amazing to see how god is so aware of each of us.

then this was probably the best way to end conference weekend. sunday evening. probably like 8:00. my comp and i, are just walking around. the square is dead. i’m sad that conference is over. then we just start walking out the gates to cross the street to the conference center. i have no idea why. i never just walk over there for fun. we are waiting at the light, and i look over to see this guy who looks so familiar. i am like levi?  i met Levi in the tabernacle about a month and a half ago. he lives in utah. he’s 18. he had never been to temple square. then he came into the tabernacle. i started talking with him. he had just lost his best friend 3 days before. i gave him a book of mormon, and shared with him about the plan of salvation. i invited him to go to church and meet with missionaries. he said yes. he had no way to stay in contact. soooo fast forward to sunday evening. we are crossing the street. it’s levi! i go up and i’m like hey do you remember me? he says SISTER CLARK!!!! i have been looking for you! i got baptized last weekend. he pulls out his book of mormon and says this is the book of mormon you gave me last month. i have read the whole thing. i was so happy. we ended up just sitting at the conference center outside and talking for like 20 minutes. it was so cool. i don’t think i stopped smiling the rest of the night.

also, one of my investigators named ralph, randomly got baptized last weekend. crazy.

let’s see, we also had zone conference and missionary leadership council this past week, and i learned so much. i went to sunday morning session of conference. ah. so good. my favorite talk was president nelson all about joy. my favorite thing about the gospel, is that it is a gospel of joy and happiness. i feel like with all of the miracles i was able to be apart of this week, i could really get a taste of eternal joy.

i know that god has placed certain people in my life, like jeff, pj, and levi because i needed them. i needed them to grow. i needed them to develop a greater testimony of the gospel of jesus christ. heavenly father knows us and is so aware of each of his children.

i will write more next week about conference. just know that i loved every minute of it, and i feel beyond privileged that i get to serve in the most unique mission in the world, where isaiah prophesied temple square would be. i get to serve under the shadow of the temple, and apostles, and prophets. i am so blessed.

“and it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. and many people shall go and say, come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the lord, to the house of the god of jacob; and he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the lord from jerusalem”. isaiah 2:2-3

i love you all! choose the right.
sister abby clark


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