Mission Lyfe

hello everyone!

another good week come and gone. this week went by so fast, but the last 2 days have taken forever haha. the square is starting to slow down, but all the leaves are changing colors. ah. it’s the best. fall is my favorite and the weather these last few days has been perfect. i’m not ready for winter.

let’s see. my comp and i have been teaching this man from south africa named caiphus. he is getting baptized this weekend. he is a preacher in a christian church in south africa. that’s pretty cool. he loves the gospel so much. especially the book of mormon.

we called and taught pj, the investigator that was here for conference from texas. he is so awesome. he said that he had questions about whether or not to serve a mission. his testimony is so strong. we shared with him about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost. he is thinking of getting baptized right before thanksgiving. 🙂

since i didn’t talk much about conference last week, i will share a little bit about what i learned. i have been trying to read all of the talks during studies. this morning i read the talk, “look to the book, look to the lord“. my studies have become a lot more focused these last few weeks. i really want to finish the new testament and the book of mormon before i go home. i love studying the scriptures, and i know that if we truly study them and ponder what they say and apply the teachings, that light will come into our lives.

this week, i possibly may have had a few freak outs about going home. don’t worry fam. it’s not because i don’t want to see you, but it’s just so weird to realize that i will be home soon. as we sat in sacrament meeting on sunday, during fast and testimony meeting, many of the departing sisters going home next week bore their testimonies. they talked about how their mission has saved them. as i sat there with tears in my eyes, i was so eternally grateful for the experiences i have had on my mission that really have saved me. i am still me. i am abby. but i am someone who understands the gospel of jesus christ. i know who my savior is and he has become my friend. i understand heavenly father and his perfect plan for us. we then sang, “i need thee every hour” for the closing song, and i was just so grateful for this time that i have consecrated everything to serve the lord, and that i came to truly understand what it means to need the lord every hour.

“he lives to bless us, to teach us, to heal us, to touch our troubled hearts, to give substance to our dreams”.

during studies, i read the story in mark with the rich young ruler. this rich young ruler was pretty close to perfect…he kept the commandments. he did all the things that he had been taught. he tried to do the right thing…so he goes up to jesus and asks what he needs to do to inherit eternal life… christ tells him to go and sell everything that he has. the rich young ruler was sad and went away and grieved. he couldn’t give to christ what he loved the most. as i have been coming down to these last few weeks of my mission, i have been asking myself “what lack i yet”. the lord answers us when we ask…we just need to be willing to act.

“my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. most gladly therefore will i rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of christ may rest upon me”. 2 corinthians 12:9

i love y’all so much. choose the right.
sister abby clark

off to play laser tag again and eat in-n-out 🙂


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