Week 70: The Final Transfer Begins

oi tudu bem!

i can’t believe it is already p-day again. we received transfer info yesterday. whatttt. i only have 6 weeks left?? my new companion is sis. bastos from brazil. she will be going into her 3rd transfer. we are serving in west gate(i am dying in the same exact zone i was born in) #5transfersofwestgate. i’m excited. this transfer is going to fly by, so i hope sis. bastos wants to just work hard and have fun b/c that’s what i want to do.

this week was pretty good. let me think of what happened. ohh yeah. so now we get to do service once a transfer…so on saturday, we went and volunteered at the special olympics at the univeristy of utah. ahhh. it was so fun. they also had some delicious food trucks. anyways, this one volunteer that was there, i started talking to…he grew up in idaho. now lives in utah. he ended up not being a member. so, i got his info and now we are teaching him. haha pretty cool. miracles come from service! besides that, i loved being around all the athletes. they were so positive. when we walked up to be the refs at this group that was playing boccie ball, this guy goes, “YES IT”S THE SISTER MISSIONARIES”…then after his team won, he said, “it’s because we have the sister missionaries”. he was so cute.

we had a really fun zone meeting yesterday. it was more of like a dinner together and a goodbye. one of our zone leaders finishes her mission tomorrow. #sayonara. we made i’m a mormon videos this transfer, so i will try and send you mine. i loved my zone this transfer. we worked hard together, and saw a lot of success. missions really are the best. i am so grateful for all of the experiences i have had.

haha i just remembered the other day, my companion had a phone call, and she asked the guy if he had heard of the book of mormon. he didn’t hear her or understand her or something, and he was like “the book of women”?? it was so funny.

well i am excited for this transfer. i will work hard these last 6 weeks. i read this quote the other day that said, “god does not change. we are the ones who must change”. i hope these last 6 weeks bring more change, and help me to become a more converted disciple of jesus christ.

“as we serve, we draw closer to god. we come to know him in ways that we otherwise might not. our faith in him increases. our problems are put into perspective. life becomes more satisfying. our love for others increases, as well as our desire to serve. through this blessed process, we become more like god, and we are better prepared to return to him”.

love you all! have a great week. choose happiness.
sister abby clark

ps: last week in lazer tag, i got 3rd out of 30 people…yes.


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